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The most serviceable room in many homes is unquestionably the kitchen. The average family relies on the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, dinner and socializing, especially if there is an oft-used eat-in area. It’s no secret that when company visits, everyone gravitates towards the kitchen, making it not only the most functional, but also the most popular room in the home. This makes it an area in the home worthy of décor enhancement.

One of the first things to consider when sprucing up your kitchen is to determine the budget. With that said, as you plan the update, a critical concern will be the degree of change implemented. The bottom line – in decorating an existing kitchen – is whether or not you’ll be replacing appliances such as the refrigerator, stove/oven, dishwasher, trash compactor and wine fridge. As expected, appliances can take up a good part of any budget, but by the time you’ve replaced the appliances, you’re in for a relatively large overhaul.

Existing kitchen lights (or lack of) can really date a kitchen. Many homeowners are opting to use recessed lighting, with switches to control brightness. In areas like over the sink, islands and eating areas, some still choosependant lights or fan-and-light fixture combinations. Installing recessed lighting in a traditional kitchen ceiling is, like appliances, a rather large commitment, but definitely one that will add to the overall value of your home.

Whether you make the decision to keep or update appliances, you still have the décor to consider. The first step in freshening up any room is new paint. Luckily, there are a host of colours to choose from. The colour you choose for the wall will be the base. If you have a rather small kitchen, lighter colours can help give a relatively more expansive feel as opposed to a darker colour, which gives the appearance of a cosier kitchen.

So, add new appliances or not? Check. New paint? Check. The next important element of your design will be your windowtreatment. Go online and look for ready made curtains sale. Shopping for kitchen curtains online will give you more options than that of a brick and mortar store as all available styles will be depicted in a sample room, and colours in a close-up photograph. Curtains not only enhance and embellish a kitchen décor. They also provide privacy and shade from the sun. If the curtains you chose do not offer enough privacy, you have plenty of options, which include other types of screening materials (available in translucent or woven fabrics) as well as an underlay of rod curtain panels.

If privacy is not an issue, you can still choose curtains or window treatments that will make a design or colour statement. For example, a swag of fabric or a structured valance provide interest and accent to a window. The actual material you choose can further express your design intent, with fabric, textures and the aforementioned colours.

You can even combine blinds and curtains and coordinate patterns. For example, a Roman shade can be paired with a sheer and a textured curtain for a very customized and unique look. Patterned curtains whether it’s a subtle damask or a bold floral further add dimension. Stripes have had a long run in popularity in clothing and there’s a simple reason: it’s a classic pattern. Striped structured valances can be paired with a different, but visually disarming pattered curtain for an edgy and unique look.

In addition to layering curtains for both style and potential privacy, another way to further customize your curtain kitchen is through curtain hardware which includes rods in metal or wood and in different colours and varying finials. You can closely match the colour of the rod with the curtain for a streamlined look or create a stand out edginess with a dramatically different coloured rod.

You can coordinate your kitchen linens (towels, tablecloths, fabric napkins) with your curtains for a balanced and well-blended look too.

If your budget allows for floor treatment, today’skitchens feature a wide variety of materials from modern vinyl to slate to wood or good-quality faux wood.

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