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When designing or remodeling a kitchen, the backsplash is 1 of the most important aspects and 1 that you devote a great deal of pondering about. Of course, the typical tile is a very good option and one that enables space for creativity but you can also choose to feel past the basic tile. For example, a metallic backsplash would certainly make a statement.

The aluminum backsplash is a wonderful decision in a kitchen with gray aspects

A metal kitchen backsplash is a great idea if your kitchen characteristics an industrialfashion or if you wish to include some industrial charm to a rustic or contemporarydécor. It’s also a excellent choice for minimalist kitchen interiors and a way to generate a focal level withoutmaking use of daringcolors.

Consider a mosaiclayout for the backsplash to include some pattern to the décor

Vertical backsplashes easily become the focal stage of the kitchen

Include a twist to the usual subway tile backsplash

A metallic backsplash also makes it possible for you to use it as a magnetic board

Also, justliketiles, metallic backsplashes come in quite a few diverse sorts. You can pickfrom a variety of supplies this kind of as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and plenty of others.

A metallic kitchen counter would make the backsplash truly feel much more normal

Attempt different patterns and designs and turn the backsplash into a beautiful focal stage

The black and whitepalette is seamlessly finished by the metal backsplash

Industrial kitchen featuring a penny backsplash

The stainless steel appliances and total gray palette make the backsplash blend in

Stainless steel backsplashes are extremely tough and resistant in the kitchen

Break the monotony with a basic but eye-catching detail

Contemporary white and gray kitchen with metallic accents

Tin backsplash with an ornate style, perfect for conventional interiors

In a modern or modern kitchen, simplicity is crucial


There are numerous rewards that come with having a metal backsplash. For example, they’re resilient, strong and resistant and normally they are also really easy to install. They’re offered in quite a few patterns so you can decide on a well-known design this kind of as subway tile or something easier like a minimalist horizontal backsplash.


If you want to develop something original, then you can make a penny backsplash. You require tons of pennies and plenty of time to glue them one by a single. There are also tons of other exciting concepts you can use.

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