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We’ve seen modular furniture that can change its structure and function within minutes or even seconds but seeing an entire house change the way it looks is definitely something else. These houses can radically change their appearance by sliding, unfolding and rotating and the transformation is absolutely spectacular each and every time.

Sliding House.

The Sliding House designed by dRMM Architects has mobile walls and roof that can simply slide back to reveal a glass and steel structure completely opened to the exterior. The dynamic change takesplace right in front of your eyes. The 20 ton timber enclosure is like a shell powered by electric motors on wheels. Thisextraordinary house is located in Suffolk, England.

Australia Rotating House.

The Everingham Rotating House is located in New South Wales, Australia. It was built mainly of glass and steel and has a light framework that allows it to be turned around using a small motor. This means the house has change its views and orientation by turning at any angle and at any time of way. The house is not only dynamic and very clever in taking advantage of the surroundings but also eco-friendly.


Architect Ralph Disch also designed a rotating house but this one is quite different. Heliotrope is the world’s firstenergy positive solarhome. Located in Germany, it was designed to take full advantage of the sun by rating with it. It generates five times the energy it consumes and it looks cool doing it. The house also re-uses greywater and rainwater.

Home That Rotates 360 Degrees In 33 Minutes.

This is the Johnstone’s home, a couple who just couldn’t decide which rooms should have the best views. Their solution was to build a round house which not only captures the views in a very special way but can also rotate 360 degrees. It takes around 33 minutes for the house to completely rotate. The Johnstones built the house themselves and made it their dream home.{found on businessinsider}.


Domespace is a rotating wooden house. The design brings numerous benefits. For example, the shape makes it resistant to cyclonic winds and it was built over an elastomeric belt which cushions vibrations and this also allows the house to withstand earthquakes of up to 8 on the Richter scale. This UFO-like house also makes the most of passive solar energy and it can rotate to follow the sun.{found on gizmag}.

Rotating House.

In Tehran, Iran, there’s a structure known as the Sharifi-ha House, designed by Nextoffice – Alireza Teghaboni. The innovativeresidence was designed to adapt to the climatechanges thanks to a series of turning boxes. These volumes can basically rotate and they become either open of closed. The flexible boxes form a 7-storey building with two basement levels housing the wellness areas, a ground floor for the parking and housekeeping spaces, the next two floors dedicated to public activities and two top floor for the private spaces.

Roll outside the bedrooms.

This ingeniously-designed house features bedrooms that were built on wheels so they can just roll outside to enjoy the views and open beauty. Designed by Thomas Durand of Raum studio, the house was built for a family with young children who wanted them to be able to enjoy the fun of sleeping outside while taking advantage of the comfort of their bedrooms. The box-like structures can be rolled onto the patio and rotated with ease thanks to a custom doorway.


The D*Haus was designed by the British company with the same name to adapt to hars and changing climatic conditions. The house allows 8 different configurations and it responds to its environment thanks to its flexible structure. It’s comprised of 4 polygonal shapes that can be moved individually. It’s a house that can easily adapt to the changing seasons and climatic conditions by basically movinginside itself. The internal walls become facades and vice versa while the interior remains the same.

Solar Slides House.

Located in Egypt, Slides is a solar house specifically designed to harness the region’s naturalpower. It was a project by a team of studentsfrom the American University in Cairo for the European Solar Decathlon in 2012. The house has a double-layered facade of interlocking perforated panels that can slice to adjust to the sun. It’s a net-zero energy structure which was built using a recycled material made of plastic bags and wood waste.{found on designboom}.

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