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We showcased some photos of Matt &#038 Rachelle&#8217s engagement at Rosemary Hill on www.liefste.co.za earlier this12 months. The couple tied the knot on 31 August 2013 at Papa’s Real Meals Restaurant, Duncan Yard. Each the E-session and wedding was captured by Pretoria based mostly, Figure of eight Photography.

How did you meet?
A school pal launched Matt &#038 I rightafterthreemany years of him courting me, my heart finally started out beating faster and our friendship bloomed into something far more&#8230

How did Matt pop the query?
Soon after four years of dating, Matt made a decision to pop the query on previous many years eve. As we have been counting down the last seconds of 2010, he went down on a single knee and popped the question. Every person except for me knew he was going to pop the query and I was crazy with excitement! Tears of joy streamed down my face, right up until this day I don&#8217t feel that I even correctly answered him? There was just no time!

Rachelle: What are Matt&#8217s strengths?
Matt is any girls&#8217 dream. My mom is forever reminding me that I need to value him and place him in a glass case. Matt is a hopeless romantic, he will make me a cup of coffee and romantically consider a sip first to make positive that it is just the right temperature. And which husband would wake up at five:thirty every single morning to start off your vehicle so that it heats up in winter? To not even mention the warm water bottle that he tends to make to hold me warm at work!

Matt: What do you adore about Rachelle?
Whare do I start off?! The love in her eyes, her smile and the truth that she constantly believes in me! The way she is usually prepared to support other, that she is aware of what she would like in reside and ain&#8217t frightened to operate in the direction of it! I adore her for who she is!

What has been the very best portion of planning your wedding ceremony?
To program everything with each other to make the day unique, not just for ourselves, but for our guests as properly.

What did you enjoy most of the wedding ceremony day?
Obtaining all the formalities done, dancing the evening away and spending time with our loved ones.

Do you have any advice for other brides-to-be?
Appreciate your day and don&#8217t fear about what could be going incorrect. No-one particular will know whether or not the cake was supposed to be round if it end up getting square on the day!

Where did you go on honeymoon?
Ballito! And we had ideal weather the total time!

And how cute had been these photobooth photos?


Suppliers on the day:
Venue: Papa&#8217s Real Foods at Duncan Yard
Wedding dress: Chiqwawa Wedding ceremony Dresses
Hair &#038 make-up: Odette Will
Flowers &#038 décor:NadiafromVintage Rose
Entertainment: Stuart Reece (met him on our P.E. getaway, his voice is out of this world!!!)
Videographer: Mighty Fine Productions
Photographer &#038 Photograph-booth: Figure of eight
Guesthouse acquiring dressed at: Richtershuyz Life-style GuestHome

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