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Morning morning loves, how was the weekend? I&#8217m feeling refreshed and recharged after a entertaining calming handful of days, last but not least above the train-trip-induced sleep deprivation&#8230 I&#8217m raring to go on my recentproject and have created the call to concentrate on that 2000000% for the following couple of weeks, so these posts will get a smidge sporadic I&#8217m afraid. Back to typical pronto I promise, as soon as I&#8217m a qualified Interior Designer yeehaw.

Anyhoo so I&#8217ve been which means to write about the delectable PS Cafe in Tiong Bahru, here in Singapore, for a although now. It&#8217s a faaabulous [small] chain of cafes/restaurants spread across the city, every with its own independent [and bonkers very good] styling and menu, a must for weekend brunch each time we have guests to remain. A couple of weeks ago we checked out the mini model in Tiong Bahru, a hip (can&#8217t think I just employed the word hip) up and coming enclave close to the centre of the city, that&#8217s quickly becoming our fave location for nosh and drinkies.

ps cafe tiong bahru1


See? Incredible layout, no?! Let&#8217s consider a closer search at people yummy blackframedwindows shall we&#8230

ps cafe tiong bahru2


There are lots a lot more goodies inside with its black veined marble, oversize chalkboard and brass shelving:

ps cafe tiong bahru3ps cafe tiong bahru4

credits: one / 2

It&#8217s so eeny weeny there are onlylike four tables to eat in at, so you&#8217d much better get there early y&#8217all. Or mega late in fact, that&#8217s how we scored 1.

Anyway so these black framed windows and doors received me pondering the use of steel window frames in interior layout. It&#8217s a truly easy way to include some serious drama to a area. Here are a handful of of my favouriteinspo piccies, lemme know what you think!

interior design steel window frames1interior design steel window frames2interior design steel window frames3interior design steel window frames4interior design steel window frames5interior design steel window frames6interior design steel window frames7interior design steel window frames8

A more economical selection for peeps not wanting to rip out and substitute all their windows, is to paint the standard window trim black like (I feel) PS Cafe. You don&#8217t accomplish really one hundred% of the impact but it&#8217s quite blooming verygood nevertheless:

interior design steel window frames9interior design steel window frames10interior design steel window frames11


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