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Spanish architectural company H Arquitectes has made the Residence 1101.

Completed in 2013, this 3,477 square foot present day property is composed of 3 separate volumes, supplying a special movement by means of traditional rooms and exposed indoor spaces.

It is located in Barcelona, Spain.

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Home 1101 by H Arquitectes:

“Not so a lot of jobs begin like this one, with an owners’ record of wishes and hopes for their new property. A record considerably closer to the rules and values architects typically work with, usually secretly, than the ordinary expectations of people couples dealing with this unknown challenge. Lists constantly full of good intentions but usually incomplete. This was the begin, loaded with accountability, but an outstanding start.

The plot, situated in a residential location of Sant Cugat, close to Barcelona, had enough great attributes to turn into the task primary line. One particular of the main goals was to attain a close and important relationship among the residence and the backyard in this kind of a way that they both grew to become the extension of each other. All that, with no falling into the unavoidable, typically out of proportion, and so recurrent big glazed panels: they needed walls, and we also did. A property with walls in a backyard for an artwork collectors couple.

For those factors, from the proper starting, the proposal searches the balance between placing the maximum amount of rooms on the ground floor yet keeping the gardenfree of charge from masonry perform volumes. This concept is developed by way of a volumetric composition shaped in three boxes spread all through the garden, nearly aligned and found in the plot northern side generating a broad outer zone facing south. The first box, to the east, homes the children’s area with 3 single bedrooms upstairs and a playroom on the ground floor.

The 2nd 1, in the centre, accommodates the principal area: the kitchen, a practically 30square metre and 4metre high area dominated by a huge fireplace. The third box, to the west, consists of the parents’ zone, with the bedroom at the garden level and a higher ceiling studio on the initial floor.

The spaces produced in between the 3 boxes are covered sheltering two diverse environments, open to the garden in north-south path and can be closed with big folding windows. These spaces offer a really various ambiance, much much more related to the backyard region than to the property. The very first of these interstitial ambiences, among the children’s region and the kitchen, serves as entrance hall. The 2nd 1, bigger, among the parents’ zone and the kitchen, is the livingspace but not a typical 1: a green house for the duration of winter and a fresh porch in summer time.

The residence is all circled by the garden, the most component of it facing south. The corner (west), sharp-shaped, gathers the kitchen backyard and a pond to bath in. In the north, the distance in between the green fence and the house varies amongst 5 and six metres and increases up to 9 metres at the uncovered car parking area. This room is connected through a three metres wide path, parallel to the east fence, with the major southern garden. The interstitial spaces of the home (entrance hall and residing area) turn into connecting porches in between the front and back gardens.

About volumes, the property is composed of three brick masonry cubes of diverse heights set parallel to the back street. Although possessing numerous dimension windows that rely on their perform, the cubes are predominantly huge. Aside from, the interstitial areas among cubes, covered by a concrete slab and framed by folding wooden glass doors, are primarily ethereal. In fact, the space gets an open porch when windows are folded back.

In accordance to its materiality, the property is constructed on double face brick load-bearing walls, using red masonry for the outer face whilst white painted inside wooden window and door frames with traditional outer roller blinds as sunscreen when necessary.

The property is conditioned with a geothermal heat pump and an beneath floor heating technique that somewhat refreshes the house in the course of summer season, staying away from an air conditioned technique to dehumidify.”

House 1101 by H Arquitectes (19)House 1101 by H Arquitectes (20)

Photographs by: Adrià Goula

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