IKEA’s time travel experimentDaily Interior Design Ideas

Hello, darlings! I’ve just came fromRome, which was amazing, will post a couple of pictures next week, because tomorrow morning I’m going to the seaside for a couple of days.But before, I want to share a fun video from Ikea, I know you love Ikea.This is no ordinary illusion. Together with hypnotist Justin Tranz, IKEA let young couples experience their future in a fascinating timetravel experiment. The patience of this particular couple is mesmerizing, I would have reacted a bit different 😉World-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz put a young couple in deep trance before they’re being exposed with potential life-changing events in advanceThe birthday of their spoiled 6 year old daughter, the same daughter and certain boyfriend years later, see for yourself…

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Like Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager put it, “The everyday is exciting! It’s on those seemingly ordinary days life happens and changes. And when it does, so does our home”With the Time Travel Experiment, IKEA collaborated with Tranz to put the spotlight on events that change how we live and our everyday lives. And in this film becoming parents is portrayed, which is one of the biggest transitions of them all.“In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life”Now, I have a question for you, would you try Ikea’s experiment?Leave a comment or tweet me the answer at @denisaluntraru.

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Colorful and Warm 33sqm ApartmentDaily Interior Design Ideas

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 2

For the quirky modernist, this 33-meter squared is an absolute gem. Elegance has been colored in with dazzling greens and potent violets. It seems that even people things of furnishings that lackcolour, this kind of as the IKEA clear chairs in the residingspace and the glasstable, include vibrancy to this modestapartment. In the residing room, we uncover a combination of whites and brickwalls that come collectively to create a informal zone of comfort. Here, all pieces of furnishings this kind of as drawers and tables have been topped with color, it be in the type of massive paintings or bouquets of freshwhite roses. A bird cage elegantly hangs close to the window sill, and this spot is also decorated with the highly authenticnotion of pots of flowers positioned in baskets. The window itself has been painted in a grey-blue shade that compliments the neutrality of the white walls, even though also fitting in with the industrialstyle of the brick walls.

The kitchen, which has been merged with the residing area, is of the most present day design—again, a grey-blue tone has been utilized for furniture, as it can be noticed in the cabinets, oven and counter spot. Lights have been createdinto the leading of cabinets, and these also are of a modern design, as they are minimalistic and metallic.

The bedroom is not separated from the kitchen or living room, which enables for coherence in shade throughout the whole apartment. Once more, we uncover a area that retains simplicity with the use of white for walls, furnishings and bed covers, even though nonetheless taking part in with stripes and blocks of shade. Plums, greens, blues, yellows and even black decor can be discovered right here, and each and every furniture not only serves a practical objective but also a decorative one particular. It is actually tough to battle against the uplifting vibes that this bedroom offers, making every morning as refreshing as every single evening.

In the bathroom, we are reunited with grittiness of bricks—the counters and sink regions are of this materials, hence offering off an ambience of warmth with out considerably energy. Flowers decorate this region as nicely, to compensate for the lack of windows, and gorgeous, silver ornaments such as candle stands and the goblet-like cup that contains the flowers are delicate touches. We see the use of silver and grey in the walldecorations as nicely.

All in all, this flat is nothing short of lively—with the abundant use of shade, each and every nook and corner of the place has been tastefully decorated. For these that look for the modern, illustrious lifestyle, there is nothing this location cannot supply.

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 1010Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 5

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 7

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 3Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 15

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 9

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 12

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 13

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 8

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 14

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37 Square Meter Flat Boosting An Open Room RegionDaily Interior Design Ideas

by Simona Ganea , posted in Apartments, on September 23rd, 2013

Obtaining flat apartments smaller sized than, let’s say forty squaremeters, is really challenging. And even if you handle to find anything like this, it is typically a cramped room with tinyrooms and lack of space. But right now we came across this gorgeousapartment. It’s a flat with a complete surface of 37 square meters. It is a small tiny for comfyliving but it does not seem to be to lack any major components.

The apartment has a enormous residing spot, at least in contrast to the other rooms. It is an openplan that also contains the kitchen. The open kitchen is the very first issue you see when you enter right here. It’s separated from the living room by a bar. It also has a wonderfulisland that gives it a lot of counter room and it’s totally outfitted with all the necessary appliances.

The hood is an element that could easily interfere with the rest of the décor, specifically offered its place in this specific apartment. Even so, the sleekdesign makes it possible for it to integrate easily into the décor.

One particular of the most wonderful items about this apartment is the reality that it has huge windows in the residing area. They permit for panoramic views to be admired and they also allow it tons of normal light. In addition to this room, the apartment also has a cozybedroom which is as brilliant and relaxing as the living space and a bathroom with dark tiled walls and floor and a transparent shower.located on Alexander White.

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Chock- Kickstarter campaignDaily Interior Design Ideas

We rather likethis new way of stacking! Chock is a easy elegant answer to stacking your bottles or cans, no matter what size they are. The triangular design and style creates a wedge that functions in each instructions. The cork form functions collectively with micro-suction foam so that Chock can be used on any smoothpolishedsurface, not just in your fridge.

chock, stacking

Chock works on any smooth surface that is clean and dry. Glass or any similarly smooth surface works verybest. You can use any quantity of Chocks with each other, producing different stacks of bottles. The image under shows how you may also use a Chock when not stacking bottles or cans. You may possibly discover other excellent utilizes!

chock, design, stacking

Launched on Kickstarter, Chock requirements your support- pledge right here to show your help and if Cjcok meets its target we may well have a couple to give away!

chock, stacking

Simple & Low-cost DIY Christmas Gifts For Your Neighbor To Your Ideal PalDaily Interior Design Ideas

Christmas is creepy up and if you haven’t started out your holidayshopping but, you may need to hit the mall prior to December 24th comes rolling close to. In the meantime, try out your hand at someeasy and thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts that perform for everything from your up coming door neighbor to your extremely greatest pals. Take a peek at these simple DIY presents that everyone and any individual could use about the house!

one. The Animal Ring Holder.

A plastic toy animal, a thrifted saucer, spraypaint and some super glue make this project a piece of cake for even novice crafters. It’s elegant on the vanity and practical as well as a area to gather all your rings and tiny stud earrings!located on web site.

two. A Sewing Kit in a Jar.

Get a jar, get the essentials and develop a fully new gift all your very own. If you have acquired a sewer in the household, then this may possibly be the very best littlepresent you can givethem, specially simply because it is very easily customized.identified on fun.kyti.

three. A Pack of Snowflake Soaps.

These hand soaps are ideal for a coworker or a neighbor. They can be utilized in the guest bathroom for a charming, wintery touch and they’re so adorable!discovered on toriejayne.

four. A Teacup Candle.

These will appear adorable all around the property of your greatest buddy or anything specific for your grandma to have on her back porch. These teacup candles are easy to make but not straightforward to fail to remember! All you want to do is go thrifting for the most ideal teacup!identified on pinkie.

5. A Customized Mug.

We’ve all noticed this present floating close to the web. But, it’s alsogreat not to share once again. Grab a long lasting marker, create a design and style or bit of personalization for the giftee and bake it in the oven! It is a timeless, practical gift that has the possible to have lots of elegant and pizazz.identified on delifromthevalley.

6. A Snow Globe.

This is wonderful for your aunt and uncle, or even your in-laws. They can use it as winter decor for many years to come. So, you can mark that headache of obtaining the ideal present for extended family members off the holiday record.

7. A Trendy Bookmark.

Whether or not if it’s your dad or your sister, these trendy bookmarks are straightforward to make and the greatest way to spruce up a very good guide! Use leather or yarn to make these beauties blossom!found on projektila.

eight. A Chalkboard Wine Tray.

This is exclusive but still a stylish piece of decor as it employs the ever-so-common chalkboard paint! Of course, a bottle of red wine would make a great addition to this treat!

9. The Upcycled Jewelry Rack.

A piece of wood and some funkyknobs can make this a exceptionally private and special gift. Make organizing your teen’s necklaces that significantly simpler by generating her one thing just for her, that only she will have!located on visiblymoved.

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44 Dream Pergola PlansDaily Interior Design Ideas

Dream Pergola Plans 2

A pergola is basically a garden structure which is much similar to the arbor. It forms a shaded sitting area, walkway or passageway of vertical pillars or posts which usually support cross beams and a strong open lattice, usually upon which vines are trained. A pergola offersshade, serves as support for the climbing plants or simply adds visual appeal to a space. You can add a pergola to your patio or backyard and use it to relax, sit and entertain guests. Here are 10 points you shouldknow about buildingpergolas:

1. Pergola with Latticework: You can use beams, latticework and wood posts to build a populartype of pergola. Build a square type pergola which measures 10 ft long, 10 ft wide and 8 ft high. You can cover the sides and the top with latticework. Use the redwood for minimal upkeep and longevity. Paint or stain the wooden pergola so as to match the overall design. The pergola will provide your sitting or entertainment area with shade and privacy.

2. Columned Pergola: You can use columns to create your pergola. Use 4 Roman or Corinthian style columns which are made of PVC (abbreviation for, polyvinyl chloride) or made from poured concrete to offer more strength. You can frame the top 4 sides using wooden beams & add some trellises or smaller beams to build the pergola’s top. Leave the pergola top plain or you can cover it with canvas shade. A pergola made with column style is an excellent choice for Tuscan or traditional style homes. Architectural presence of these columns adds visual impact to the landscaping.

3. Arched Pergola: Rather than using the flat beams on the pergola’s top, build it in arch style. Arch provides dome like curve on the pergola’s top which adds airiness. Use iron, redwood or steel to create your arch. You may buy ready made arches which are made of weather resistant iron or steel from a home or garden improvement store. Using the arch style gives your garden that rusticfeel. It’s a good option for entryway to a garden or/and as a passageway.

4. Japanese Pergola: You can choose the Japanese pergola if you desire an Asianinspired garden. Select redwood or cedar material and then stain or paint it red so as to make it be the centerpiece of the garden. Even though your garden or home isn’t in Japanese or Asian style, you may still use this pergola to add appeal to your garden. You can place the pergola between the flower garden and the lawn to give the 2 spaces a good transition point. You can also place some potted trailing rose flowers on every side so as to help in anchoring the piece and also soften its’ look.

5. You can make your pergola from recycled plastics or vinyl: Many of the newer wood look alikes are usually used like wood but wont need any painting and wont rot or decay.

6. A metal pergola: You can make the pergola from metal. Some metals such as rebar will rust, while cast iron may be formed into all sorts of shapes, and the copper metal will form patina of blue greens and coppery browns. Metals may also be used to offer a curved design or angular design.

7. Make the pergola from livingmaterials: You can grow bamboo or some other flexible trees or shrubs in rows and then tie and train the branches so that they can curve & meet over the pergola’s top to create a great living pergola.

8. Pergolas can be light or heavy, decorative or minimal, elaborate or simple, rustic or formal in design. You can build an elaborate and beautiful environment by simply adding paths all through the pergola which can be textured or paved or can even be planted. Plants and flowers can form some gardens on either sides of the pass-through. Vines may lightly accent some areas or can smother the whole structure.

9. You can build any type of pergola you desire from a very wide assortment of different materials including recycled and found objects. Ensure the structure is strong, solid and well seated in the ground.

10. Pergolas are great ways of dividing areas of the property, they offer a chance to grow some wonderful vines such as grapes, wisteria, or other such flamboyant climbers, & they also create passageways which have a serene feeling of being enclosed. You can use the pergola to lead the way from your house to other structures such as the workroom, the garage or the guest house. Or you can build one which opens to a meditation area or a swimmingpool. You can also create a smaller one in more limited areas which opens to small patios with seating or to a sculpture or fountain at the end.

-Having at least 2 people when building the pergola will make the work easier.
-When building the pergola, it’s important you put safety 1st. When mixing fast drying cement, always follow the instructions exactly as they are.
-Use the appropriate pergola kits.
-Follow all the powertool operating directions and wear the proper safety gear and clothing.

Dream Pergola Plans 7

Image: Titan DesignsDream Pergola Plans 6Dream Pergola Plans 5Dream Pergola Plans 4Dream Pergola Plans 3Dream Pergola Plans


Images 8-11: janiceparker


Image: SNOEI

Firestone Home Productsdream-pergola-14dream-pergola-15dream-pergola-16

Image: Jacqueline Volker


Image 17-18: HGTV Magazine / Lisa Romerein


Image: group one


Image: The Handmade Home


dream pergola plan 231

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Dream Pergola Plans 24

Image: Backyard Unlimited

Dream Pergola Plans 25dream pergola plan 26

Image: DIY network

dream pergola plan 27

Image: BHG

dream pergola plan 29

Image: Rolling Stone Landscapes

dream pergola plan 30dream pergola plan 31

Image: Midwest Living

dream pergola plan 32dream pergola plan 33

Image: Ana White

dream pergola plan 34dream pergola 23dream pergola plan 36dream pergola plan 37dream pergola plan 38dream pergola plan 39dream pergola plan 40

Images 39-40: cane plex

dream pergola plan 41

Image: BHG

dream pergola plan 42dream pergola plan 43dream pergola plan 44

Image: Woodmeister Master Builders

Elsie’s Patterned Wall and Half-Painted Door (+ a $500 giveaway!!)Daily Interior Design Ideas

Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted DoorToday I am super pumped to share a few peeks of my new office space! It’s almost finished. I’ll be sharing the fulltoursoon. But first, we’ve teamed up with Dutch Boy Paint to share two ways to add personality to a room with paint. Both techniques are relatively simple and quick (each a one-day-or-less project!), but they make a huge visual impact.

Let’s start with the door!

Easy door update and statement wall! Love this (click through for tutorial) Here’s the door before. Just a normal, boring door. I always planned to paint it a fun color, but after seeing some half-painteddoors on Pinterest, I decided this was the perfect chance to try something fun like that.

Easy door update! Love this (click through for tutorial) Easy door update! Love this (click through for tutorial) First I decided which portion of the door I wanted to paint. I could’ve gone with the straight-across half-and-half look, but I thought going diagonal would be a lot more fun! We placed the tape at the highest point we wanted the color to go, pulled it out all the way to the bottom stopping point, and flattened the tape to the door. Then, we repeated the process on the other side of the door.

Little tip: Really press the tape well to get a good seal so the color doesn’t seep through.

Easy door update and statement wall! Love this (click through for tutorial) Easy door update and statement wall! Love this (click through for tutorial)We used Brilliant Impressions for the yellow by Dutch Boy Paint, and I know I said this last time, but these paint buckets are so much easier to use than what I’m used to. We knew we wanted to choose a semi-gloss paint for the door so the surface is as durable as possible.

Easy door update! Love this (click through for tutorial) Laura used a soft bristle brush to paint the desired portion of the door and allowed the paint to dry. Soft bristle brushes are best for this sort of job because they don’t leave brush strokes behind. With it being an old house, the old doorknob had already been painted a few times. So we went ahead and added another coat. :) So glad we got to do this! I LOVE the look of the doorknob blending right into the yellow. If you’re trying this, but you have newer doorknobs, I totally respect your hesitation. Newer doorknobs seem to have a lot more hardware that paint could get into and really muck up.

Easy door update! Love this (click through for tutorial)Once the paint is dry, we just peeled off the tape and revealed our updated new door underneath.

Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door (♥♥♥♥♥)

Next, I decided to do an accentwall. My office is verysmall and bright. It has three huge windows. It was previously painted white, which I love. I wanted to keep that bright and crisp vibe, while adding just a little bit of pattern.

After months (yes, months—I’m crazy) of sketching out different accent wallsfrom novelty prints to bold patterns to colorfuldesigns, I decided that what was most appropriate for this space was actually something pretty simple (okay, REALLY simple). We settled on a hand-painted pattern using Route 66 grey from Dutch Boy Paint. It turned out to be both one of the easiest to execute statement walls we’ve done and the easiest to live with. It’s subtle but adds a lot of texture to my space. Here’s our process:

Easy door update and statement wall! Love this (click through for tutorial) This statement wall is really easy and fast to complete—it only took an hour for Laura to complete the whole wall! Not bad! We chose a flat 1″ wide craft brush to create the painted strokes.

Little tip: It’s a good idea when you are doing a more free-form pattern like this one to create a guide to follow so your sizing and spacing remain consistent (you can see our guide in the photos above and below). The guide also helps you figure out how close together and how long you want your strokes to be. Just move the guide with you as you go to keep each section the same. Stand back from your wall every so often just to make sure the pattern is balanced.

Easy door update and statement wall! Love this (click through for tutorial) Simple, right?

And here’s the finished product…

Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Once again, I’m amazed at the difference that just a little paint can make!

Here are a few more images of my new space…

Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door I’m so excited about our painting updates and it feels AMAZING to be settled into a space. I already feel more productive. I’ll be back soon to share more photos of my new office space.

GIVEAWAY: Dutch Boy Paint wants to help a lucky reader do a little decorating of their own, so they’re giving away—
• $ 350 VISA GiftCard
• 4 gallons of Dutch Boy Paint of the color and sheen of the reader’s choosing
• Purdy DIY Kit (roller frame and covers, trim brush, paint tray, and paint opener)

TO ENTER: Just leave us a comment saying which painting technique you are more into: The half-painted door or the hand-painted wall? The giveaway is open until October 10, and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Good luck! xx. Elsie

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson,ProjectAssistant: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with The Signature Collection.