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We rather likethis new way of stacking! Chock is a easy elegant answer to stacking your bottles or cans, no matter what size they are. The triangular design and style creates a wedge that functions in each instructions. The cork form functions collectively with micro-suction foam so that Chock can be used on any smoothpolishedsurface, not just in your fridge.

chock, stacking

Chock works on any smooth surface that is clean and dry. Glass or any similarly smooth surface works verybest. You can use any quantity of Chocks with each other, producing different stacks of bottles. The image under shows how you may also use a Chock when not stacking bottles or cans. You may possibly discover other excellent utilizes!

chock, design, stacking

Launched on Kickstarter, Chock requirements your support- pledge right here to show your help and if Cjcok meets its target we may well have a couple to give away!

chock, stacking

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