Decoholics Top Choises This Season For Terrys BlindsDaily Interior Design Ideas

1) In your own words describe your uniquestyle and creativeaesthetic?

I adore the merging of simplicity and beauty. One beautiful piece says more than a horde of furnishings and accent pieces clamored together simply for effect. Aesthetics coupled with refinement is key.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

I have to get a “feel” for the space. I also embrace my client’s personality and incorporate it into what they want. Then I find those things that can achieve the desired outcome.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

It’s hard to choose just one individual. Being creative takes on many angles, so I enjoy each person’s unique type of creativeness.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

I adore the Acropolis, the place of early Greek civilization. It pretty much characterizes my philosophy. Parthenon and Temple of Poseidon are a few reasons why Athens is an inspiring haven for any aspiring architect. I am deeply inspired by ancient perspectives and love conveying those concepts into 21st century interiordesign.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

Harmonizing color and structure comes naturally to me; therefore, getting into interior design was a natural development. I would advise design students not to be afraid to be unique while remaining within the realms of harmonization.

Closet Door Styles And How They Can Fully Modify The DécorDaily Interior Design Ideas

When you decide on the design for a closet, whether or not it is for your bedroom, for the dressing area or for your kid’s space, you have to mix two things: looks and performance. But what about the appear? It generally all depends on the layout and kind you decide on for the closet doors. So what possibilities are there?

Traditional mirrored doors.

Mirrored doors are amongst the most frequent varieties individuals usually pick for their bedroom or dressing space closets. The mirrors reflect the décor and make the space look morespacious, plus they are quite valuable when you’re deciding on your outfit and when you combine equipment.


For the closet in your bedroom you could have, as an alternative of closet doors, prolonged curtains. They hide everything within just as nicely and they’re much more easy to operate. Also, the curtains will give the bedroom a cozy look.

Sliding doors.

If you want to figure out what the ideal fashion is for the closer doors just treat them like any other door in the residence. So, if you desire sliding doors in basic, why not have sliding doors for the closet also?

Folding doors.

by Helen Norman

Folding doors are sensible because, in contrast to sliding doors, they incommode you significantly less when you are making an attempt to find something in the closet. Also, they give the closet a more casual search.

Barn doors.

by Versatile Imaging

I guess this option is far more appropriate for dressing rooms than it is for bedrooms but you can figure out a way to match a barn door in there too if you really want to. A huge barn door will most likely have to grow to be a sliding door so you can operate it a lot more simply.


This type of closet doors is really really common and you most likely didn’t discover they are actually shutters right up until now. You can custom style doors from shutters or acquire them and simply install them, dependent on the dimension and layout.

Easy doors.

Sometimes significantly less is a lot more so as an alternative of acquiring a headache making an attempt to uncover a kind of closet doors that suits you, consider something basic like these doors. They’re just plain regular doors and they give the bedroom a fresh search.

Dry-erase boards.

Chalkboardwalls or blackboards are fun to have in the house but there’s also yet another choice. You could have dry-erase closet doors and it would be just as enjoyable, if not even far more. It’s a great notion for the kids’ area as we all know they like doodling on the walls.

Wallpaper doors.

Alternatively of changing your old closet doors simply because they no longer search very good, how about you just give them a makeover? Attempt a fresh coat of paint or, even far better, cover them with wallpaper.

Frosted glass doors.

Personally I’m not a massive fan of frosted glass though I admit it can be a excellent choice occasionally. If you pick it for the closet doors, then be ready to let visitors into your private globe as they won’t fully hide every thing that’s within.

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What’s Happening | ‘Deuce’ By Zoe Croggon At Diane Singer GalleryDaily Interior Design Ideas

Melbourne based mostly artist Zoe Croggon has refined the old school magazine ‘cut and paste’ art venture by forming collisions of each day objects for her mostcurrentexhibition ‘Deuce’ at Diane Singer Gallery.


Dive four (Splash)


Court 2


Dive three











Diving head very first into an modernworld of experimentation, Croggon typically performs with sculpture, video, drawing, and in this case collage. Her performs show the collision of different worlds and moments in time, showing unanticipated affinities of vitality and type.

‘Deuce’ is an exhibition produced up of collages that Croggon meticulously manufacturedfrom a collection of sports activities encyclopedias, black and white movie stills, as nicely as outdated catalogues of dance and photography. This kind of topics and composition let Croggon to consider the characteristics and functionalities of an object and present them in a complete new context. This, and the exploration of light, texture, and type, enables Croggon to current lovely abstract functions which questioning the possibilities of subconscious perceptions.

The incredible skills of Zoe Croggon have noticed her brief listed for the Basil Sellers Prize, as well as having works acquired by the NGV and Artbank, and is in the NGV&#8217s Melbourne Now exhibition.

‘Deuce’ is on present at Diane Singer Gallery from 14th of November until finally the 21st of December 2013.

Diane Singer Gallery
Basement, 325 Flinders Lane

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in DecoratingDaily Interior Design Ideas

If you’re familiar with fengshui, you’ll know that it is both an art and a science, developed anciently in China. “Feng” means wind, and “shui” means water. Feng shui delineates how to balance energies of a given space, large or small, in order to promote good health, fortune, and lifeenergy, or chi, for those inside.

63a6c  Orange accent color room A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

There are many aspects and variables that come into play in designing a space with feng shui in mind. (Check out homedit’s previous articles on incorporating feng shui into the office and bedroom.) Color plays a particularly important role. In fact, each color is an expression of one of the fiveelements of feng shui. You may have heard of them: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Color is used in specific areas of the home intentionally so as to bringabout positive chi and harmony.

941d4  water blue living room colors A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

In this article, we will go through each of the five elements of feng shui, their associated colors, and how you could incorporate those colors into your decorating. Ultimately, the goal is to boost your energy and promote health and well-being. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

3feb8  green floor poted plants add feng shui A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Feng Shui Element: FIRE.

3feb8  Modern Living Room Interior Sets with Great Feng Shui A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Fire represents high energy and passion – it supports life energy. Incorporating a balanced fire element into your space will bring activity and supporting energy to your life and career. The fire element is also believed to be strongly linked to love and sexual energy. Fire colors are: red, orange, vibrant yellow, purple, and pink.

160fe  living room with reach bold colors A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Bold in their coloring, Fire elements take center stage in any space. Use them strategically and sparingly for an invigorating yet balanced effect.

4b68d  fancy orange energy room A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

With its energy-inducing Fire orange chairs and accents, this room defies anyone entering not to feel a surge of adrenaline.

4b68d  feng shui colors fire accent A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Incorporating feng shui colors within Asian-inspireddécor, such as this folding screen, is one way to achieve maximum design impact.

27efd  half wall paint for bedroom pink and white A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Showing that a little goes a long way, a softer Fire element-colored stripe paired with a few choice accents breathes energy but not chaos into this peaceful bedroom.

27efd  feng shui color purple brown green colors A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Unarguably dramatic, this deep floor-to-ceiling Fire element purple is invigorating and passionate. (The lime accents provide a modern twist.)

Feng Shui Element: EARTH.

28529  feng shui earth decoration corner A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Earth represents stability and nourishment – like Mother Earth. Incorporating a nurturing earth element into your space will help to bring peace, stability, and protection to you and your relationships. The earth element is also believed to play an important role in maintaining hope, health, and inner balance, as well as elevating mental activity. Earth colors are: beige/skin colors, sand tones, and light yellow.

28529  cool yellow kitchen backsplash A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

A pale buttery yellow pairs with rich colors of the soil in this lovely Earth element-colored kitchen. Contemporary and warm, this space exudes friendliness and reassurance.

91fd8  earth and wood furniture mix for feng shui A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating
Perhaps a mixture of Earth and Wood elements, this living room is a welcoming and inviting space that would undoubtedly nurture relationships.

91fd8  neutral corner nook design A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

A corner nook filled with Earth element colors makes a lovely refuge.

91fd8  soft neutral colors A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Choosesoft, sand-colored neutrals for large furniture pieces. This will go a long way in establishing an Earth element in your space no matter what happens elsewhere in the room

e0d09  vintage bedroom exposed bricks A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

The feng shui Earth element in the bedroom results in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding at the end of each day.

Feng Shui Element: METAL.

f5bf4  gray bedroom accents metalic decorative items A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Metal represents purity and precision. Incorporating an energetic metal element into your space will facilitate efficiency, focus, and precision, along with a strong sense of clarity. The metal element also helps to eliminate or avoid distractions while sustaining a calm, soothing chi energy. Metal colors are: metallics, gray, and white.

f5bf4  warm metalic elements A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Warm metallics amp up the sophistication of a space and personify clarity and precision in its overall look and feel.

f5bf4  contemporary kitchen featuring metalic elements A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating
A gorgeous contemporary kitchen makes good use of the efficiency of the Metal element while also incorporating a balance of other elements.

ce9cf  gray bedroom floral wallpaper A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

A silvery grey velvet chair mimics the Metal element flawlessly…except you’d actually want to sit in it.

8fc26  brass floor lamp living room A Beginner’s Guide to Using Feng Shui Colors in Decorating

Even something as simple as a brass physician’s lamp and a similarly shiny vase on the living room coffee table will bring in the Metal element efficiently (how appropriate) and beautifully.

Of course, a little bling on the walls in the form of gold-leafed floral wallpaper never hurt anybody in the feng shui Metal element. Makes a perfect complement to the deep blues (Water element) here.

Feng Shui Element: WATER.

Water represents ease, abundance, and inner work. Incorporating a congruent water element into your space will result in a positive sense of calm, purity, and freshness. It enables our ability to concentrate, contemplate, and create. The water element also represents abundance (an ancient symbol) and wealth. Water colors are blue and black.

You don’t have to paint your entire room blue and lug in black furniture to incorporate the Water element into the space. Less is more when it comes to feng shui. Think in terms of the overall feel of pieces, both individually and collectively, to determine how they would work best in the feng shui color scheme.

Set against a blue wall, small-cut mirrors, such as the round mirror components of this sunburst mirror, are a lovely way to replicate sunlight’s shine on the water. The effect would be similar with crystals hanging from lighting fixtures or other glassy accessories.

The Water element walls in this bedroom nook provide a freshoasis and nice balance with plenty of Wood elements elsewhere.

Paint one focal point in a Water element color, then throw in one or two corresponding accent pieces around the room to create a stunningly soothing space.

It’s no surprise how the waterfall table got its appropriate name; the smooth cascade of the top-into-leg is just like a waterfall. Tint such a table a very light blue, and you’ve got a perfect Water element to work with in your design.

Feng Shui Element: WOOD.

Wood represents growth and vitality. Incorporating the healing wood element into your space will bring about vibrancy and vitality in health and growth, as well as decisiveness and action. The wood element, including the use of plants, also motivates internal change and resonates with wealth and prosperity. Wood colors are brown and green.

Muted Wood element tones in fluid forms within this space create a very soothing, organic vibe.

A fresh, vibrant spring green plant provides the perfect touch of Wood element in a space with little color otherwise.

The incorporation of a few Wood elements (e.g., potted branches, a gorgeous twig-inspired orb pendant, and a parquet wood floor) ties all other elements together in this simple, modern space.

The raw natural substance that is Wood plays a key role in balancing with other non-similar materials, such as a porcelain tub or marble accent wall to provide warmth and vibrancy to the space.

Remember that wood needn’t be super heavy and dark; a light, airy representation provides a modern, refreshing aesthetic to the feng shui element.

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The Summer House Vestfold by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS ArchitectsDaily Interior Design Ideas

The Summer house is located on the coast of Vestfold in the southern part of Norway.

The house replaces an older building at the site. To get the planning permit, the project had to be well adjusted to the terrain, both in terms of shape, scale, material and color. The house and terraces are partlybuilt upon existing stonewalls, the parts of the walls which are new are made of stones from the blasting at the site.

The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoorareas, embraced by the house itself. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surroundingcliff formations. On the outer perimeter of terraces and pool, a glass fence also protects against wind, but allows for maximum view. The house is clad with Kebony wood, a sustainable process of treating the wood to allow for good durability towards the exposure to salt water.

Make Your Own Nail Polish ShelvesDaily Interior Design Ideas

Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via I’m a sucker for openstorage. I have mentioned it a million instances just before on this blog, but if I cannot see my factors, I will not use them. No matter how numerous bottles of nailpolish I have stored away in my cabinets, I’ll usually end up making use of the one that received left on my nightstand or makeuptable. This venture earns bonus points in my guide since it’s an organization answer that looks cute at the very same time!

We created theseshelvesfrom triangle shadowboxes that flags are stored in. Here’s how we did it:

How to make a nail polish organizerSupplies: triangle (flag) shadow boxes, tinywoodenboard (about three inches wide a one/4 inch thick), balsawood and paint. one. Take away the back, within lining and the front glass from the shadow box. Be cautious when disposing of the glass! 2. Measure and reduce shelves to fit within the box. Use your nail polish to measure how far apart the shelves need to be. Some nail polish bottles are taller than other people, so use the tallest brand you acquire as a guidebook. To minimize the wood, use a jigsaw (that’s what I used) or circular noticed. 3. Prime the box and shelf pieces. 4. Line the box and back panel with balsa wood. Paint any accents you want and glue the shelf pieces inside. When it really is all dry you happen to be ready to hang the shelves and display your nail polish collection.

Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via Nail polish shelves (made with shadow boxes!) via I’m so satisfied with the end result. If you have a good deal a lot more polish bottles I can envision a display making use of a lot more triangles- the prospects are limitless! This tutorial could also be even simpler (and would hold much more bottles) if you used a larger square shadow box. Select the size and shapes that fit your area. xo. Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Task Assistant: Emma Chapman.

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Garden Home Sparkling Under a Curved Roof and Natural LightDaily Interior Design Ideas

Garden Home in Seattle

A gardenhome, private and beautifully withdrawn from public eyes rises in Seattle, Washington. Designed by Balance AssociatesArchitects, thismodernstructure reinterprets the way a garden home organizes the owner’s lifestyle. Boasting its light-encouraging shape in a suburban neighborhood, the home with a curvedroof sets itself apart from neighboring structures. This Garden House is “one of the two houses set side by side in a park-like setting“, showcasing surprising details in photographs captured by Steve Keating.

The architects explain how both houses “are arranged to take advantage of an extensive garden and a salmon stream that runs through the property.” Imagine having a salmon stream on your property, enjoying sunshine sparkle in the water as birds chirp away. With a peacefulenergy, you come back to the house illuminated from within. Double-heightsocialspaces and floor-to-ceiling windows erase visual boundaries between functional, sophisticatedinteriors and carefully manicured outdoors.

Garden Home by Balance Associates Architects (1)

Seeing how more and more people imagine their home flooded with light, it’s always inspiring to see solutions like this patented windowsystem that slidesaroundcorners. But in the case of these twin garden homes, a warming woodencollection of window frames create a natural vibe. Wooden ceilings complete the nature-inspired, light filled social spaces.

“Curved roofs and similar exteriormaterials help establish a relationship between the two houses. The building and landscapedesign are intended to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Both houses are built from a unique concrete building block manufactured from wood chip fibers which allows the building envelope to remain vapor permeable. Healthy home materials and practices are used throughout both homes.”

Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (2)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (3)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (4)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (5)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (6)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (7)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (8)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (9)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (10)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (11)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (12)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (13)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (14)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (15)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (16)Garden House by Balance Associates Architects (17)

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Consider This: Personalize A Stocking!Daily Interior Design Ideas

Custom Stocking DIY abeautifulmess.comIt’s Rachel with a fast and straightforward thought for customizing a pre-madestocking just in time for Christmas. I love the limitless methods you can match handmade stockings to your particular decor, but this yr I am all about simplifying to make positive we can invest far more time enjoying the holiday season rather of just decorating via them. I located a pre-made stocking at Target that didn’t look cheap (though it does have a tartan plaid ‘H’ on the opposite side), minimize off the red tassels it came with and commenced with a clean slate.Custom Stocking DIY 1. To make your own you may want a pre-produced stocking, fluffy yarn, some chipboardletters (discovered mine at the Target \$ spot, but they are obtainable in the scrapbooking section of most craft retailers), embroidery thread, embroidery needle (mine is curved but yours does not need to have to be), an awl or some thing modest and sharp, a bit of sparkly ribbon for the hanger, and sparkly jingle bellornaments (or some thing related). 2. Use your awl to poke minor holes via the leading left and bottom proper corners of every single letter. Practice on a letter you aren’t going to use to get a great really feel for it. Then stitch your thread via starting up from the prime and tying a knot at the last letter’s hole. Depart some length at the starting to attach to the best of your stocking. 3. Use your fluffy yarn to finger knit about 2′ worth of rope and knot the ends. four. Tie it in a bow. five. Cut about four” of sparkly ribbon and stitch a hanger at the best on the within and then stitch the hanging letters, ornaments and finally the bow to the leading as well.Custom Stocking DIY Custom Stocking DIY I’ve made a handful of stockings for our loved ones above the years but I love the cozy seem of this 1 and how effectively it goes with our white and metallic Christmas decor this year. Let’s hope we’ve all been good this yr. I’d detest to get coal stains on my fairly new stockings. What about you, any ideas for personalizing your stockings this 12 months? -Rachel

Credits // Writer and Photography: Rachel Denbow

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