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Cleaning and organizingthe fridge is one of those tasks we all try to avoid and to postpone for as long as we can. When you thinkabout it, fridge organization should be a priority on our to-do lists but, in order to make it a success, you need a few clevertricks up your sleeve.

Start-Clean-Back Smart Tips!

Here’s a tip: START by taking everything out. CLEANthe shelves and drawers and then start putting thingsBACK together. The last part is the one that poses problems so hopefully these extra tips can help.

Before and After fridge organization.

Here’s an example of how you can drastically transform the way the interior of your fridge looks like, just so you get inspired. Before, everything was squeezed in there and you’d have to dig deep to find the thing you needed. A few baskets and a little bit of organization made a huge difference.{found on mapleandmagnolia}.

Use egg holders.

Most fridges come with their own egg holders but you should really update if you really want to make a difference. Try this one. It’s a clear egg holder with 14 slots, built-in handles and a sturdy lid that allows you to stack multiples or to place other items on top.Available on site.

The expiration date trick.

Keep track of the freshness of your food so, if for example you transfer the eggs from their egg carton to a more fancy container, write the expiration date on the last egg with a marker.

An eat me first box.

When you have lots of items in the fridge, it’s easy to get distracted and to let some go bad or expire. It’s why you should consider having an eat me first box. Here you basically put the things that are in danger of going bad so you can see them and consume them.

Use labels.

Labels are great for organizing just about anything. In the fridge, you can out labels on baskets, boxes, jars and bottles, so you know what’s inside. It makes it easier to identify the item you need without having to take it out and look inside.{found on thesocialhome}.

Hanging storage.

Since it’s such a successful method, hanging storage is also very useful in the fridge. No surprise there I guess. This food hammock or however you want to call it can expand and collapse just like an accordion allowing you to store vegetables, fruits and other things.Found on kickstarter.

Keep your fruits in order.

You know how frustrating digging for fruits in the depths of your fridge can be so you might want to try a fruit dispenser. This one slides fruit from back to front, it has a clear and simpledesign and takes up little space. It’s useful for smaller fruits like limes and kiwis.Available for $ 5.99.

Beverage dispenser.

If you store your beverages on the shelves, arranged in rows, you waste a lot of valuable space. Try instead a can dispenser. This one holds 12 cans so it’s very roomy and practical. Gives the dimensions, you might have to adjust the door shelves.Found on site.

Clear bins and trays.

Storing things in transparent containers is very practical, especially in the fridge. It makes it easy to identify the item you need and to take it out without any extra effort. Storing fruits and other things in bins and trays is also great if you want to save space.Available on site.

Bottle stabilizers.

When there’s no more room on the fridge door, you can store your wine bottles horizontally on the shelves and, with these stabilizers, you don’t have to worry about them rolling out and getting damaged. Also, these small stabilizers stack.Available for $ 2.99.

Lazy Susans.

Use Lazy Susans on the fridge shelves to store small and miscellaneous items. The rotating base lets you browse and find exactly what you’re looking for without knocking over everything in your way just to get to that jar in the back.

Store things on the fridge wall.

Even when all the shelves in your fridge are packed, there’s still some space left on the fridge walls so you might as well take advantage of that. You can use bathroom suction baskets or some other similar items you can think of. Just be creative.{found on site}.

Dry-erase lists.

If you’re superorganized by nature, you might also like the idea of keeping track of everything that’s in your fridge. You can turn the fridge door into a dry-erase board and make a list of all the items you have inside, organizing them in categories. It also makes it easier to create grocery lists.{found on chiotsrun}.

Recycle and repurpose.

Binder clip stabilizers.

Use binder clips to hold up bottles and cans on the shelves inside your fridge. This idea only works if you have grill shelves so for other types you’ll have to come up with a differentsolution.

Six-pack containers.

Use empty six pack containers to organize the items you store on your fridge door. Not all the items fit in the containers but you can use them for your condiments for example.

Useful gadgets for the fridge door.

Bottle opener.

A lot of people like to cover their fridge with colorful magnets of all shapes and sizes. If you do that too, you might as well throw in a few useful gadgets as well, such as a magnetic bottle opener.Available for $ 30.

iPad mount.

A magnetic iPad mount seems like a nice accessory for a modern fridge door. Instead of writing down your grocery lists on sticky notes you can do it on your iPad plus, there are tons of other useful things it can help with.Available on Amazon.

Fun magnets.

Of course, let’s not overlook the obvious fridge door accessory: the timeless magnet. May I suggest that, if you want magnets on your fridge door, you might as well pick an interesting and unusual design? Not everything that sticks to your fridge deserves to be up there.Available for $ 18.

Magnetic spice storage.

The practical part of you will definitely love this idea. You can use magnetic spice storage containers to free up some counter space and to also decorate your fridge door. You can organize them however you want so be creative.

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