Salone del Mobile 2015: Diamond Washbasin by Paolo Ulian and Moreno for PurapietraDaily Interior Design Ideas

Diamond Washbasin references a typical gemstone, with a clear triangular cut that creates different facets and that, like a diamond, comes in various shapes and sizes.


An unusual feature of the washbasin is that for both measurements has been studied a more inclined one, for a contemporary design or to facilitate the use, using the facet as a base, and giving visual lightness to a material that is historically heavy.

Available in different colors, Diamond comes in two sizes, diameter 50 cm and18 in height, 45 cm diameter and15 in height.

ProductPreviewduringMilan Design week at Brerastore
Via Fatebenefratelli 10, Brera District

Salondel Mobile 2015 / Purapietra / Paolo Ulian / Moreno Ratti

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