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In a down to earth, but hugely lovelyassortment, Sarah Trotter, Esther Stewart and Murray Barker present Simplify, the third venture to come fromcollaborative initiative Groupwork.








Started in 2012 Groupwork is a collaborative initiative that brings together artists, makers and designers to contemplate daily objects and moments. In their third assortment, launched at ‘The Other Hemisphere’ as part of MilanStyleWeek 2014, Groupwork current ‘Simplify’ – a significantly gorgeous collection of bathroomequipment.

Created by artist Esther Stewart, architect Murray Barker, and Groupwork director and interior architect Sarah Trotter, ‘Simplify’ re-thinks mundane bathroom objects like towel rails, toothbrush holders and showershelves.

The assortment was inspired by the lack of versatility in common bathroom fittings, and instead presents an stylish and cohesive method that has a particular connection to the room they are intended for.

Everycomponent of the three-part set delivers various utilizes depending on their orientation and mixture and with their gorgeous geometric nature and blend of timber and brass this assortment is like no other!

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