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Looking for an iconic gift for Father’s Day? You can’t go wrong with the classicalEamesLoungeChair. It’s a piece that revolutionized furnituredesign and it even became the subject of documentaries and books. The reason why this chair is so popular is because it’s simply perfect: comfortable, elegant, flexible and versatile. It’s something the man of the house would cherish and appreciate every day for years to come and I bet he won’t be the only one who’ll love to take a nap in this comfy and gorgeous chair.

Because of its timeless and elegant design, the Eames Lounge Chair fits perfectly in any livingroom that has wooden furniture or flooring. In this particular setting, the finish and color match perfectly.

Pair the chair with its matching ottoman and you’ll get an amazing set. It will be even more comfortable and enjoyable. Your dad would sure love to relax here in the afternoon, after coming homefrom work or whenever he needs a break.

The best place for this chair would undoubtedly be by the fireplace. Lie back and relax and everything will suddenly seem better. I couldn’t ask for a better gift myself.

Justlook at this amazing setting. You have the stunningviews, the beautiful floating fireplace, clerestory lighting and the perfect piece of furniture to enjoy them from: the classical and forever beautiful Eames Lounge Chair.

In case you didn’t know, there are several versions of this chair, each with their own combination of colors and finishes. So choose the one that better characterizes your dad or the one you think he’ll like best.

The timeless chair would fit wonderfully in both modern and traditional decors. It’s a piece that kept its cool across generations so you could get one too and it would look great in your minimalist, contemporary living room.

Place the chair by the window, add a side table and an arched floor lamp and you create the perfect readingcorner. A lovely idea if your dad loves to read every once in a while.

A mid-century modern living room would be a perfect home for this elegant piece of furniture. You can have your comfy sofa, iconic coffee table and this exquisite lounge chair so your old man can have his own private spot.

The white upholstery gives the chair a more classy look. It’s a nice look if you prefer the décor to be a little more open and bright or if the room in which it’s place is not particularly spacious.

We mentioned this chair is versatile and by that we mean you can use it not only in the living room but also in the bedroom or home office and it would look just as great. Here’s a nice idea: a cozy reading spot by the window in the bedroom. A his and hers set of recliners would be perfect.

There are numerousways of pairing this chair with other iconic pieces of furniture. The Noguchi coffee table would complement it perfectly for example. It has the same elegant and timeless design.

The Eames chair is the indoor, more elegant version of the lounge chairs you place by the pool or on the terrace. Admire the beautiful outdoors and the views and you can even take a nap. The chair is that comfortable.

In an open space the recliner can be part of both the living room and dining room. Just slide over and enjoy having this amazing piece in your home.

The upholstery of the chair can feature a variety of colors so pick the one that goes best with the décor you have in mind. This shade of brown goes well with the grey sofa.

The classical version is, however, the most popular. It’s a combo that gives the chair an elegant, smart look and allows it to be incorporated in a whole variety of decors, from casual to sophisticated, from modern to traditional and so on.

Love the idea of admiring the views from this comfortable chair. The way the windows wrap around the corner and offer panoramic views is gorgeous. What better design could you choose for a bedroom?

Is your dad the type that likes to spend a lot of time in his office or who has a big home library and likes to read a lot? Then he’ll definitely appreciate this gift.

Match the chair to the sofa or to some other pieces of furniture in the room and make them look like a set. It’s a nice way of ensuring a cohesive décor.

You can replace the old desk chair with this gorgeous recliner or you could simply have them both. Take a break from work and relax, maybe read a few pages from your favorite book. It’s better than having a sofa in the office.

Whether the office has a traditional look or whether it just got a makeover and is not minimalist and contemporary, you can be sure this elegant chair would look just as great any way. The décor may change but the chair remains the same.

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