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funky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-1.jpg We got a hot trend tip from a pair of youngItalian up-and-comers who not too long ago launched their new brand, RocketDesign and style. The Milan-primarily based design and style duo is devoted to producing authentic property decor, and they are fun, funky and practical decor equipment that actually crank up the design meter. Here’s a taste of the brand’s first collectionthese actually amazingcreations that work as great as they look. Inspired by the rock ‘n roll discoculture this clothing-hanger technique, shelf and winerack will rock your rooms! To see a lot more, go to the Young Designer Guide exhibit, held in conjunction with the Milan Worldwide FurnishingsHonest 2010. For much more data check out Rocket Layout. Get these products at Yoox. funky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-8.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-3.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-2.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-4.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-5.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-6.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-7.jpgfunky-home-decor-fun-accessories-rocket-design-9.jpg

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