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Expandable diningtables are always good to have in the house. You never know when guests decide to pop by, and just in time for dinner. Don’t think of this as an inconvenience but an opportunity for you to make everyone feel welcomed and to impress with your sharp cooking skills. So bring out your expandable dining table and any problem will be solved.

Pull-out tables.

A simple and modern dining table that allows you to extend it using only one hand. The pull-out system makes it very practical. There’s no need to disassemble anything. The table simply expands and the added portion features a dark finish which contrasts with the initial tabletop.

The Spirit 1 table features a similar type of design. It has an architectural design and features a white pull-out extension which provides a contrast of material and color, giving the table an exclusivelook.{from Voglauer}.

This is Duo, a tiny, wall-mounted table by Cancio with an extension leaf which allows it to become a table for two. Very useful and practical in small kitchens. The table also includes a cutlery drawer. A simple design full of surprises.{from Canciomuebles}.

The Loft dining table by Team 7 was designed with an innovative one hand system which allows you to extend it with ease and in a matter of seconds. There’s even a cutlery drawer hidden on the side, making the table extra practical.

Pull out the wings of this apparently simple-looking table to reveal its surprising design. It has a hidden cooktop at the center, making it perfect for preparing meals or for serving as a kitchenisland.{from Bulthaup}.

Also featuring a pull-out system, the Firenze table can adjust its size according to the number of users. An extension is revealed at the center of the table and it has a black finish that contrasts with the initial tabletop.{from Colli Casa}.

Tables with hidden extensions.

Masao is a sleek and modern dining table by Studio 24. it has an aluminum frame and top and features a series of hidden extensions which fit like in a puzzle and allow you to seat up to 8 people.{from Bontempi}.

This is Storia, a solid wood table with a simple and straight-forward design. Well, not exactly. It’s actually an expandable table with carefully hidden secret extensions. Use them only when needed and, the rest of the time nobody will even suspect anything.{from Domus-Arte}.

This table by V-Vita is particularly interesting because of its delicate design and sounded edges. It gives the room a very harmonious look. The extensions are hidden in two pull-out features and they fit perfectly when assembled.{from Voglauer}.

The Parker table can comfortably seat up to 8 or ten people. It has a simple design with a solid eucalyptus base and comes in walnut veneer and white lacquer finish options. An elegantpiece for both modern and traditional dining rooms.{from Westelm}.

Versailles is an oval dining table designed by Vincent Sheppard. It’s an extremely versatile and stylish piece available in a variety of colors and finishes. It’s made with a solid oak top with two extension leaves.

The Emmerson dining table has an industrial design with a butterfly mechanism located under the table’s top. The classic shape and reclaimed metal base give the table an eclectic look and rustic feel.{from Westelm}.

This is a piece that can be used as a console, game table or dining table, depending on your needs. It has a hidden extension which lets you expand it. In its initial position, the table is a mission-style console. Pull out the back legs and flip the top and it becomes a dining table.{from Houzz}.

The Slice table has a unique cut-away design and a strikingsculptural look. Two small extensions disappear under the table top when not needed. The top slides back intoplace and the table looks as beautiful and elegant as ever.{from Houzz}.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor gatherings, this piece is a fresh take on the picnic table. In its initial state, the table is round. When it expands it becomes oval. The driftwood finish is weather-resistant and gives the table a casual look.{from Westelm}.

Modular tables.

The Dining Desk is a very interesting-looking dining table which can be opened along its longitudinal axis to reveal and multiple function area which can be outfitted with stainless steel plates, cutlery box or cutting boards. Two trolleys also fit perfectly into the open areas.{from Draenert}.

X-base tables.

This Toscana trestle table has a rustic look and x-shaped supports. It was designed to maximize legroom and serving space. It features two leaves that drop in seamlessly at either end, allowing you to expand the table for large gatherings.{from Potterybarn}.

Glass tables

Designed by Cattelan Italia, the Smart table offers you 4 sizes to select from. It features 2 extensions and a very slick mechanism. The glass top allows it to make any room feel bright and airy and to blend in any décor.{from Cattelan Italia}.

Frau is a rectangular dining table with a glass top and trapezoid wooden legs. It features an extensible frame made of anodized mat bronzed aluminum and with two extensions measuring 50 cm each.{from Italian Dream Design}.

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