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3dd9e  Skidmore Passivhaus Energy Efficiency Home In Situ Architecture 500x366 Skidmore Passivhaus – Vitality Efficiency Home by In Situ Architecture architecture ideas

This eco friendly residence positioned in Portland, Oregon design and style by In Situ Architecture firm.

“Located in an existing neighborhood of post-war houses, Skidmore Passivhaus merges contemporary layout with the highest degree of vitality efficiency. Supplying a real live / work condition, two separate buildings address the plan demands while generating a exclusive indoor / outdoor area amongst. High levels of insulation, extremely airtight development (tested at .32ach50), large executing triple glazed european windows, and a super-efficient heat recovery ventilator permit the framework to meet the stringent demands of the German Passivhaus regular. Generous amounts of south facing glazing (.5 shgc) maximize the solar gains for most of the 12 months, although motorized exterior aluminum shades can be lowered to block undesired summer heat acquire resulting in incredibly relaxed temperatures year round. An substantial green roof assists manage all stormwater on web site, although a roof mounted four.32 kW PV array supplies sufficient electrical energy to result in a near net zero and genuinely sustainable building”.

Photography by Jeremy Bittermann.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 July, 2014

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