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The waiting region and office of designer Andreea Marcuta’s showroom in Bucharest. French modern space with a twist, let me inform you that the photos do not do it justice. I have visited final week, and it is very amazing, a lot more about that right here.&nbspTwo bold chandelier like light fixtures stand in both of the rooms, and custom made tree branches are utilised alternatively of standard hangers for the lovely M.Marquise patterns.
The furniture, a pretty powder pink settee and custom armchairs adorn the entrance, along with herringbone floors and french doors.Interior desigenr Miruna Darie – Createlier &nbsptook care of the art instalation and clothig show style and&nbspIrina Pogonaru – accountable for the furniture.
Beautiful space proper?
french modern designer salon Designer Salon In Bucharest other photoliu design mmarquise Designer Salon In Bucharest other french modern designer Designer Salon In Bucharest other Aaand two M.Marquise shots from the new campaign.m Designer Salon In Bucharest other m  Designer Salon In Bucharest other

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Rotating Armchairs – 123 Ultra Modern Armchair Layout By Steiner

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Floor To Ceiling Windows: A New Way To Define Your HomeDaily Interior Design Ideas

We all want our homes to be different from the other houses, to provide a special feeling of peace, freedom and infinite space. We are pretty sure you’ve thought about what you should have or change in order to make your homefeelcozy and airy. Have you found the right answer for your question? Because if not, we have one for you: floor to ceilingwindows.

Just like any other things, floor to ceiling windows have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the good news! First of all, you should definitely use them to lighten up your home. Natural light will help you to relax after a difficult day and will also enhance your creativity.

Floor to ceiling windows are aesthetically pleasing, they create wonderful visual effects and in the same time they will give you a sense of freedom by making the room seem larger. If you’re lucky enough to live across the sea or surrounded by nature, you just hit the jackpot! Unobstructedpanoramicviews will bring a special meaning to every morning.

Now that we’ve talked about the good things, let’s talk a little about the drawbacks. If you hate curtains and you don’t use solar shades, you may have a problem: lack of privacy. If the glass is not tempered, you may encounter safety issues. Plus, tempered glass is very expensive! Also, given the fact that glass is not the best insulator in the world, you could experience heat loss and lack of ventilation. And if you have kids or pets there is no way you can keep your windows clean for a long period of time. However, after finding out about the pros and cons, maybe you should see with your own eyes if they’re worth trying or not(and in what areas of the house). It’s up to you!

1. In the kitchen

Thisgorgeouskitchen is part of a loft in Barcelona designed by Studio Vuong. As you can see, the connection between it and the outdoor patio is madethrough floor to ceiling windows. The kitchen looksmorespacious, comfortable and elegant.

In this dark painted kitchen, white cabinets and oversized windows are essential. The bold contrast between the walls and white cabinetry, together with natural light create a relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly what you need to peacefully enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

2. In the bathroom

If you live in the middle of nowhere, far away from the prying eyes of neighbors, you can consider adding a floor to ceiling window in your bathroom. This master bathroom is part of Ellis Residence by Coates DesignArchitects.

A luxurious feeling is given by this gorgeous bathroom which is part of JadeOceanPenthouse2 in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The sloped floor to ceiling windows will turn that place in a sanctuary from which you can quietly admire the landscape.

3. In the bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the place where you spend most of your free time, especially while you’re resting. Enjoy the morning Sun through floor to ceiling windows.

4. In the living room

Looking for the perfectliving room? How about a great view, a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a wall mounted TV? This living room is part of a project called The Residence, designed by Hufft Projects. Pictures by Alistair Tutton.

5. In the dining room

In this residence, the pleasant moments during dinner are completed by a wonderful backyard view, due to the floor to ceiling windows in this area. This contemporary house was designed by Larue Architects and is located in Austin, Texas.

6. In your office

Having an office with a view will inspire you every time you will have to work from home. Floor to ceiling windows are just perfect for this, because they will create the illusion of space, thus making the room seem breezy. This way it will be easier for you to focus on your tasks.

7. In your hallway

What better way to fill your house with natural light than by adding floor to ceiling windows in the hallway? If you don’t believe us take a look at these pictures. If you have a problem with privacy, use shutters (or curtains)and get rid of all your worries regarding this aspect.

8. In your walk-in closet

You probably wonder why you would need huge windows around your walk-in closet. Well, the answer is simple: if you are a very well organized person, you will definitely make a statement by showing all your clothes and the way they are arranged. Who knows, maybe some people will admire you even more.

9. In the kids room

Some people don’t think it is a good idea to install floor to ceiling windows in their kid’s room. If you really want this, please make sure you use safety glass.

10. In the reading corner.

There is no better place for a reading nook than somewhere around a huge window. A floor to ceiling window will be just perfect, don’t you think?

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Dipped & Embellished Wooden Utensils: An Easy DIYDaily Interior Design Ideas

Regardless of whether it is a wooden spoon or a plain, white tea towel, there are so numerous effortless, swift ways to jazz up the most bland elements of your residence. That is why I took my wooden utensils and turned them up just a notch. With a swift swipe of a paint brush and a couple of embellishments, I turned my spoons and spatulas into a piece of artwork for my kitchen nook!

Resources: *I utilized all products from the Martha Stewart line since I discover them to be the very best top quality for the greatest price.

  • craft paint
  • craft glue
  • paint brushes
  • satin overlay
  • embellishments
  • wooden utensils

Phase 1.

Initial factors 1st, paint your handles. If you’d like a much more precise look, tape off a stopping stage. I liked a bit of an imperfect, casual type so I just permitted the brush to make the ‘shabby chic’ edges.

Phase 2.

Let the handles to entirely dry. I painted one side plus the two edges prior to I flipped them above and painted the other.

Phase three.

Apply your satin finish. This is not a necessity but it will give it a seal and shining finish. Also, the paint is much less probably to chip during usage. You will want to let this to dry totally ahead of you start to embellish.

Stage four.

It is time to embellish! Grab your craft glue and get creative. You can use every little thing from sparkles to washi tape to sequins to buttons. I chose little crystals to do the occupation and decided to just stick with gold pieces, bringing out the golden tones in the wood.

Stage 5.

Allow the embellishments dry completely. You really don’t want to area your utensils in a canister or display and have your new decor bits sliding off the handle! As soon as every thing is dry and sealed, display them off for every person to see. Aside from, it’ll also give you simple access to them in the course of cooking hrs.

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A Gorgeous Loft Set In A Beautiful SkyDaily Interior Design Ideas

Gorgeous modernLoft

A great view certainly makes a big difference and thisbeautifully situated apartment certainly takes advantage of it. With such an expansive view, the livingarea stretches beyond its four walls. This exciting and unconventional apartment includes a sunny balcony that helps shed natural lightinto the entire home.

The apartment is laid out with a sky exposing ceiling, exposedbeams, and a large, bright, and usable loft. The very large living area includes a built in footbridge across the living room, while steps to the loft creates a New YorkCitytypefeel. From the living room, there is access to the west-facing balcony where sunshine can be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset.

Multicolored glossy chairs set in complementing hues are used to highlight the beauty of a long softwood table. The wooden beams and stairs enhance the flawless wood finish and naturalness of its texture. A white backdrop including white wooden floors, works ideally to bring the various colors, textures, and patterns together.

A sectional sofa is perfect for comfort and relaxation and it fits well in the huge space. Highlighted with rich lime-green accent pillow and chair, the wood panels above add just the right amount of tradition in a superbly modernisticsetting. The kitchen area is enhanced with a slanted window displaying a gorgeous sky. It’s pristine with easy sliding drawers, wood countertop, and stainless steel appliances.

The apartment becomes artistically innovative in surprising areas like the hidden storage space that displays a lime green and snow-white wall and chest of drawers in the same color combination. A stone tiled bathroom colored with various shades of brown includes a separate mosaic tiled shower, storage, and much more.

The child’s room oozes with moderntouches. The geometrically designed slanted walls with a mix of deep-pale colors presents like a fun place to sleep and play in. The natural and suspended light makes this room delightful during the day and nighttime.

A small upstairs loft is decked out in neutral colors with hints of charcoal black. It displays the ultimate in avant-garde decor. An illustration of the earth’s territories on the wall along with a rooftop window that opens up to a magnanimous sky is a fantastic twist to an otherwise simplelayout. The space is used sparingly with unique pieces that really do the space justice.

This home is full of surprises. From windows that open to show a brilliant sky, to a bridge above the living room area that you can actually walk across. Even the exterior is filled with natural beauty with greenery and flowers. It’s a stunning living space in a lovely environment. Gorgeous modernLoft 2Gorgeous modernLoft 3Gorgeous modernLoft 4Gorgeous modernLoft 5Gorgeous modernLoft 6Gorgeous modernLoft 7Gorgeous modernLoft 8Gorgeous modernLoft 9Gorgeous modernLoft 10Gorgeous modernLoft 12Gorgeous modernLoft 13Gorgeous modernLoft 14Gorgeous modernLoft 15Gorgeous modernLoft 16Gorgeous modernLoft 17Gorgeous modernLoft 18Gorgeous modernLoft 19Gorgeous modernLoft 20Gorgeous modernLoft 21Gorgeous modernLoft 22

Images: edc

Tiny Apartment With An Amazingly Spacious And Inventive InteriorDaily Interior Design Ideas

A tiny space can sometimes surprise you with how large and spacious it actually looks. If only we would all know how to do that… The next best thing we can do is to learn from what others have created, like the interior design of this 32 squaremeter apartment in Paris.

The architects of Schemaa completely transformed the apartment in 2014 when they renovated and expanded it. They also created an amazing design for it which allows it to look immensely more spacious than it actually is without giving up comfort.

To achieve this amazing look, the architects made good use of every inch of space, even in the area where there was previously nothing. For example, they rehabilitated the attic and transformed it into a bedroom, this allowing the rest of the apartment to remain airy and more flexible.

The team of designers structured the interior space using functional stripes. One of them is a large storage unit which connects the entrance, living and dining areas and integrated the kitchen cabinets as well as additional storage. The functional unit looks sleek and simple, being defined by wood panels from floor to ceiling.

The second such amazing unit is the staircase. Yes, that’s a staircase even though it looks like a bunch of cupboards connected like pieces of a puzzle. The staircase has storage spaces underneath and leads up to the attic. There’s also that bookcase that extends along the wall and up to the ceiling.

Go up and you’ll reach the attic bedroom, a very simple and bright space with whitewalls, a light-colored floor, long wooden beams and a skylight.

But the surprises don’t end here. If we go back to the main floor, we’ll see that the dining table can be dismantled and its legs can mount onto hooks on the wall and the top can fit between the windows. This leaves the floor space free of any furniture, making the room look very spacious.

And the apartment is not only a cluster of inventive designs and storage solutions. It’s also a great source of inspiration when it comes to colors and ambiance in general. Don’t you just love the bold orange accents scattered throughout the apartment? First you have those cute coat hooks at the entrance, then the kitchen backsplash, the stools and the lighting in front of the bookcase.

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Cozy Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes The Nature Inside By Oscar Gonzalez MoixDaily Interior Design Ideas

Street View Casa Cachalotes Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixLocated on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an fascinatingresidentialundertaking characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey property, finished by OscarGonzalezMoix in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lushvegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and moreover, it besieges the interior of it also. Naturegets to be portion of the interior residingenvironment. Casa Cachalotes is envisioned as a trendy moderndwelling appropriate for a disabled man or woman and his family. Every detail, fromlayout to practicality, mattered. &#8220The notion of the house was hunting for a functional integration, structural and formal, with a easy modulation responding to the plan. The proposed supplies synthesized warmth and formal language of the task, making a comfy home.&#8221Modern Residence Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixThe residing area characteristics large ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Completely lit, the socialregion, situated in one particular of the home&#8217s two volumes, is the bestplace to gather the family and commit quality timetogether. The residing area offers unobstructedviews of the courtyard and it seems like becoming extended outdoors through an openspace region, accommodating the terrace and a summertime kitchen. Modestgreengardens decorate the interior. An intriguing encounter for the inhabitants, who don&#8217t need to have to go outside to get a breath of fresh air. The spot is nicely-lit and naturally ventilated.

Courtyard Green Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixView Casa Cachalotes Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixRelaxing Terrace Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixLovely Terrace Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixTerrace Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixHigh Ceilings Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixUpper Floor and Plants Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixInterior Garden Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez MoixWooden Staircase Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

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Mar de Luz Modern Mansion in Peru Showcasing Luxurious Transparency

Casa Mar de Luz by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Casa Mar de Luz by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Weekend Retreat Respectful In The Direction Of Nature By AS/D Asociacion De Diseno

Weekend Retreat Respectful In The Direction Of Nature By AS/D Asociacion De Diseno

Wooden Home in the Forest Assembling Forces of NatureDaily Interior Design Ideas

La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes

Bold and beautifully displaying a sleekwoodenfacade, thisvolumetrichome in the forest speaks about the need to be in permanentcontact with green surroundings. Delicately lined with blackdesign elements and window frames, the home known as La Chasse-Galerie benefits frombrightnaturallight, fresh forest air and a spaciouscollection of interiors imagined by Thellend Fortin Architectes.

This modern home in the forest was built in Montreal, Canada and as you scroll through the photos, you will see what the architects mean when they say: “The design of this residence was principally driven by the desire to bring it in harmony with its environs. Located on a plateau in the heart of the Laurentian forest, the house benefits from natural light despite its north-facing aspect and its inverse orientation to the lake. The refined slender volume of the house as well as the open circulation areas over two levels ensure that the entire expanse of the interior benefits from abundant natural light.”

La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (1)

Spatially, the interior was designed around a large black ribbon that frames the topography and key features of the site, including the Precambrian rocks uphill and the lake below. The plan was developed to incorporate generous window openings and to imbue the livingspaces with the same natural textures, including the mineral-inspired concretefloor and the eastern white cedar laths on the ceiling. With naturepresent at the very heart of the project, the spaces transform in accordance with the seasons.”

Thanks to photographs by Olivier Samson Arcand of OSA Images, we can enjoy glimpses into the modern design that made this home rise with pride. You might even remember the Prince Philip Residence and become curious to see how a modern cityoasis in Montreal looks like.

La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (2)La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (3)La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (4)La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (5)La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (6)La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes (7)

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On Shopping New, Old, High and LowDaily Interior Design Ideas

I’ve recently been putting a lot more thought into how I shop. I’ve been forming my own, personalized strategy that helps me feel balanced. I’m excited to share it with you today and hopefully start a conversation about how to shop more thoughtfully and encourage a balanced perspective on retail. #itsallgood

You see—I’ve already been through most of the extremes. In my early twenties I shopped almost exclusively at Forever 21 and cheap mall stores. I always had lots of clothes, but I noticed I didn’t wear them all, they didn’t last that long, and since I shopped impulsively, I often got sick of my clothes and felt like I didn’t have anything to wear. No good. After that I dove deep into a vintage phase. Emma and I owned a vintage shop in our hometown. My closet was exploding with vintage pieces ranging from true gems to ugly costumes and everything in between. It was super fun until it wasn’t anymore. I got burned out having such a difficult wardrobe to mix and match, and I realized that I was buying lots of things that I was never wearing. No good. I did a major purge and donated and sold all my vintage except for a few treasures. It felt good. Clean palette. And so my next phase began. I started buying black and white, denim, and chambray. LOTS of black and white, denim, and chambray. It felt good to collect basics. But I soon realized it was a little too basic one day when Jeremy asked me to pick a more colorful outfit for a video shoot and I couldn’t do it.

So this past year I’ve been on a mission to create a more balanced, useful, inspiring closet! I’ve talked to my girlfriends about this subject and really analyzed my shopping in an attempt to shop smarter. And I’ve realized that this is a subject that you guys are interested in too. We get lots of requests from readers to feature more budget-friendly fashion pieces. We also get lots of comments thanking us for supporting small businesses and good quality makers. These two types of comments can be contradictory, but we don’t think they have to be. We wear a variety of stuff (new, old, high, low) for a variety of reasons (to find the right fit, to be colorful and unique, to buy quality pieces that will last years instead of months and, of course, to save money). I believe there is a time and place for all of these things. So let’s get into it!

This outfit is a pretty decent example of how I like to dress. It’s a combination of new, old, high, and low. The scarf is vintage. I collect vintage scarves because they’re an easy way to add personality and color to a basic outfit. My bracelets are new (both from Madewell—they have great, easy jewelry). My tote is more on the high end. It’s Orla Kiely and was a gift from my little sis for my 30th birthday. And my top and skirt are from low priced shops (Target and Forever 21).

Here’s my guide to making the most of New, Old, High, & Low!

Pictured: 1. Forage Lady Bows 2. Gift Shop Brooklyn Shoulder Purse 3. Not Tuesday Necklace 4. Eclu Floral Clutch 5. Gift Shop Brooklyn Georgia Tote 6. Catbird Tomboy Knuckle Ring 7. Alphonnsine Pizza T-Shirt 8. Isi Hand Dyed Top (sold) 9. Bobbi Set

Let’s talk new.

The clothing I place in this category is not designer and not fast fashion. It’s somewhere in between. It’s good quality at a medium price. In this category I tend to favor a few tried and true retail stores as well as small businesses, like Etsy shops.

My favorite medium-priced retail stores are Madewell (great basics and great sales!), ASOS (I’ve found lots of good, colorful clothing there and the best fitting swimsuits), Zappos (returns with free shipping for a year!), and ModCloth (where I buy a lot of tops and cute everyday clothes).

I also love to shop Etsy and small businesses! In my choices above, all of the items fall into those categories. I love supporting smaller businesses, and often I find better, more beautiful, or more unique items from these types of shops. I like to keep my bookmarks full of fun new independent shops, since they’re popping up all the time!

A lot of what I shop for falls into this category. The only things I avoid are extreme trends (those should usually be reserved for the “low” price category) and key pieces that I will wear daily for months and months at a time (like a coat, boots, or a bag) because I don’t mind spending more on items like that.

A few of my favorite recent Etsy purchases are: This necklace from LaMalconttenta, a colorful necklace from Danny Brito, and this Twin Peaks T-Shirt from Burger and Friends. I’m going to order one of these necklaces next. (I love Etsy!)

Pictured: 1.Vera Scarf 2.Woven Clutch 3. 1960s Chiffon Dress 4. 1940s Cat Eye Sunnies 5. Straw and Leather Purse 6. Gold Script “E” Brooch 7. Lucite Bracelet (sold) 8. Flower Brooch

Let’s talk vintage.

I told you above about my love/hate relationship with vintage. This past year I started to get interested in vintage again, but I am far more selective about what I buy now because I consider vintage a collection that I will keep for years to come, not a trend that I will wear a couple times.

I’m usually not trying to create a head-to-toe look with vintage. I think of it more as a fun way to add personality, making outfits more special and colorful.

I don’t have a favorite vintage shop on Etsy, instead I use the search engine to look for gems. Here are a few of my favorite searches using the category “vintage”—E monogram (or J monogram, or L monogram), cat eye glasses, wool pencil skirt (add size and color), vera scarf, clutch, necklace.

When you shop for vintage online, try to see past bad photos (there will be a lot of them), but don’t buy things you aren’t sure about because you usually cannot return vintage.

Prices can vary greatly, more than in any other category. So keep in mind that if you are willing to keep hunting, you can almost always find what you want at a lower price!

When I shop for vintage locally, I only buy things that I can and will wear immediately. In the past I would buy things that needed alterations or repairs, but with my busy schedule, I’ve learned that those purchases often become burdens. So I buy less now, only things that I am excited to wear immediately and that fit perfectly.

My best advice for shopping vintage is to find a few accessory pieces to collect that you have always loved (mine are scarves, necklaces, and clutch purses). You can use these pieces to add fun to your outfits without the commitment of a crazy dress or a head-to-toe vintage look.

Pictured: 1. Swedish Hasbeens T-Strap Sky High 2. Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel (1. 2. 3.) 3. Frye Melissa Button 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse 5. Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote 6. Karen Walker Sunnies 7. Rag&Bone Booties 8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse 9. Hunter Boots

Let’s talk high-end.

Remember that the term “high-end” can mean different things depending on your stage of life or budget.

So here’s the story that converted me from a high-end “hater” to an occasional high-end shopper! Three years ago I got a pair of Melissa Button Frye Boots for my birthday. They’re expensive, $ 350. And normally I wouldn’t spend more than $ 100 on a pair of boots. But my friend Cayt had a pair, and she swore that they would last a lifetime (and she’s a really good salesperson). That was crazy to me because all of the $ 100 boots I had ever owned were worn out after one winter, and so I would replace them every year. But my Frye boots really have held up better than any boots I’ve ever owned. I wear them a LOT. And this year I’m wearing them for my third winter. That means that next winter they’ll technically be cheaper than the $ 100 boots I used to buy each year because they’ve lasted so long.

Now this is an extreme case, but this is the benefit I see in buying high-end pieces. The quality level is often sky-rocketed. I was raised shopping sales, and when I was twenty-five, I judged anyone who spent a lot of money on shoes and bags, but now I think those things are some of my smarter purchases. I would definitely trade five shopping trips to cheap mall stores or Target for one pair of nice boots or a nice bag because I know I’ll still be using it next year and the year after that.

The price tags are definitely intimidating, but if you make smart high-end purchases, you’ll use them for years and they’ll become a great value.

My tips for shopping “high” are to never impulse shop (high end items tend to stay in stores for years, not change over every month like fast fashion, so you can take a month or so to think over your purchases), shop in neutral colors (easier to mix and match), and to read reviews and listen to your friends (I also like to see items in person before I order it online).

Saving up for things is fun! If you want to justify a bag or a pair of booties, find something else in your budget that you can give up for a few months. Do the math and you’ll be surprised how much money you are wasting in other areas on things that you won’t keep or care about a year from now!

Pictured: 1. Faux Leather Shorts 2. Faux Leather Skirt 3. Silver Pleated Skirt 4.Plaid Poncho 5. Faux Leather Dress 6. Fuzzy Coat

OK! Time to talk about low (also called fast fashion).

These stores are inexpensive with cute, trendy clothes! I shop at Target (mostly for t-shirts and button up tops), Forever 21 (for skirts and dresses), and Shop Sosie pretty regularly and find lots of cute, wearable pieces. Sometimes I even find pieces that last a long time that I wear over and over. Other times I wear a dress for a season and donate it without guilt.

The obvious benefit of fast fashion is that it’s inexpensive, but that’s not always a good thing. It can be too easy to buy too much from these stores just because it is so cheap. Recently I’ve been trying to buy less and be more thoughtful about my purchases from fast fashion stores.

Another great use for fast fashion is to try a trend without much commitment. Want a big fuzzy coat or something made of faux leather? Those are great fast fashion choices.

The things I avoid at fast fashion shops are shoes, bags, and coats (because they usually do not last and the shoes and coats are usually not warm enough). With that said, a jacket that isn’t meant to be your winter coat is totally something I would buy at one of these shops.

The key here is to be thoughtful. Lower prices might tempt you to buy things you don’t love, so beware of that and you’re good!

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve pretty much had a tour of the shopping side of MY brain. You’d be surprised (or maybe not?) how much these same categories and guidelines apply to how I shop for my home decor. It’s definitely a combination of new, old, high, and low as well!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and any tips you’ve picked up through the years. Let’s chat in the comments. xx! Elsie

Credits/ Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: (top) Emma Chapman, (bottom) Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New YorkDaily Interior Design Ideas

by Simona Ganea , posted in Interiors, on October 22nd, 2013

Located in New York, specifically in the West Village, this building comprises an impressive triplex with a 40 foot atrium and a stunning roof garden. The garden features mature trees, beautiful plants and flowers and it creates a very calm, relaxing and almost magical atmosphere. The building boosts a total of 8000 square feet of space.

new york Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

The building was originally constructed in 1847 and it was a townhouse. Later in was transformed in a general store and produce market. You can still see the imprints of the past on the building as you can distinguish the words “fine whiskies and wine” written on it.

new york  Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york   Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york    Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york     Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york      Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

In the 1930s the building became a sausage factory and, after a while, it got abandoned. The current owner noticed the structure and, although it was obviously very old and in bad shape, it was also noticeable that it had potential.

new york       Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york triplex Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york        Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york         Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york          Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

new york           Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

When renovating and restoring the building, the owner wanted to preserve as much as possible from the old design whenever it could be done. Among the elements that have been preserved we can now mention the old floorboards which have been reused, the beams and the exposed brick. To maintain this old charm, some of the new features have been aged on purpose. Now the triplex has a sophisticated interior design with a very distinct charm.{found on gothamist}.

p                                                                                                                                                                                                        Charming Roof Backyard On A Triplex In New York other

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Small Backyard House Featuring A Feminine Design

Try This: Mineral Wine ToppersDaily Interior Design Ideas

Geo wine toppersAt our home we usually try to finish off a bottle of wine within a day or two (maybe three) following opening it. It does not always occur. But I genuinely dislike to throw out wine, so I typically save it for cooking. We make risotto quite often, so we have a tendency to use up any leftover wine then.

But in the meantime, the bottle is sitting on the counter or a shelf with the outdated cork jammed back into the leading. There is been a handful of instances I lost the cork. So I ended up pouring the wine into a mason jar with a lid to save for cooking. It looked rather odd on our bar cart. It most likely looked like I was trying to make homemade wine.Geo wine toppers That was partly the determination behind making a number of cute wine toppers. I loved how these turned out and it only took about ten minutes to comprehensive (plus dry time for the glue and paint). As well easy.Geo wine toppers There is about a hundred various methods you couldcustomizethis idea. You could use rocks you uncover your backyard. You could collect rocks from various locations (like, although on getaway) for a 12 months and use these. Soon after cleansing the rocks you could paint them a solid color, dip them halfway and depart the other organic half exposed, or you could include a metallic paint to just the within edges (like I did).

You are inventive. You do what you will.

I do want to advocate the specific glue I used in this task. It is extremely powerful so it was ideal for this as you’ll be pulling these corks in and out of bottles and you will not want the toppers to come off the cork base. I utilised Epoxy Cement (ultrafast crystal clear).Geo wine toppers Geo wine toppers I could see these making a genuinely distinctive present to a fellow wine-lover. Just a imagined. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman