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Geo wine toppersAt our home we usually try to finish off a bottle of wine within a day or two (maybe three) following opening it. It does not always occur. But I genuinely dislike to throw out wine, so I typically save it for cooking. We make risotto quite often, so we have a tendency to use up any leftover wine then.

But in the meantime, the bottle is sitting on the counter or a shelf with the outdated cork jammed back into the leading. There is been a handful of instances I lost the cork. So I ended up pouring the wine into a mason jar with a lid to save for cooking. It looked rather odd on our bar cart. It most likely looked like I was trying to make homemade wine.Geo wine toppers That was partly the determination behind making a number of cute wine toppers. I loved how these turned out and it only took about ten minutes to comprehensive (plus dry time for the glue and paint). As well easy.Geo wine toppers There is about a hundred various methods you couldcustomizethis idea. You could use rocks you uncover your backyard. You could collect rocks from various locations (like, although on getaway) for a 12 months and use these. Soon after cleansing the rocks you could paint them a solid color, dip them halfway and depart the other organic half exposed, or you could include a metallic paint to just the within edges (like I did).

You are inventive. You do what you will.

I do want to advocate the specific glue I used in this task. It is extremely powerful so it was ideal for this as you’ll be pulling these corks in and out of bottles and you will not want the toppers to come off the cork base. I utilised Epoxy Cement (ultrafast crystal clear).Geo wine toppers Geo wine toppers I could see these making a genuinely distinctive present to a fellow wine-lover. Just a imagined. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman

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