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A tiny space can sometimes surprise you with how large and spacious it actually looks. If only we would all know how to do that… The next best thing we can do is to learn from what others have created, like the interior design of this 32 squaremeter apartment in Paris.

The architects of Schemaa completely transformed the apartment in 2014 when they renovated and expanded it. They also created an amazing design for it which allows it to look immensely more spacious than it actually is without giving up comfort.

To achieve this amazing look, the architects made good use of every inch of space, even in the area where there was previously nothing. For example, they rehabilitated the attic and transformed it into a bedroom, this allowing the rest of the apartment to remain airy and more flexible.

The team of designers structured the interior space using functional stripes. One of them is a large storage unit which connects the entrance, living and dining areas and integrated the kitchen cabinets as well as additional storage. The functional unit looks sleek and simple, being defined by wood panels from floor to ceiling.

The second such amazing unit is the staircase. Yes, that’s a staircase even though it looks like a bunch of cupboards connected like pieces of a puzzle. The staircase has storage spaces underneath and leads up to the attic. There’s also that bookcase that extends along the wall and up to the ceiling.

Go up and you’ll reach the attic bedroom, a very simple and bright space with whitewalls, a light-colored floor, long wooden beams and a skylight.

But the surprises don’t end here. If we go back to the main floor, we’ll see that the dining table can be dismantled and its legs can mount onto hooks on the wall and the top can fit between the windows. This leaves the floor space free of any furniture, making the room look very spacious.

And the apartment is not only a cluster of inventive designs and storage solutions. It’s also a great source of inspiration when it comes to colors and ambiance in general. Don’t you just love the bold orange accents scattered throughout the apartment? First you have those cute coat hooks at the entrance, then the kitchen backsplash, the stools and the lighting in front of the bookcase.

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