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Regardless of whether it is a wooden spoon or a plain, white tea towel, there are so numerous effortless, swift ways to jazz up the most bland elements of your residence. That is why I took my wooden utensils and turned them up just a notch. With a swift swipe of a paint brush and a couple of embellishments, I turned my spoons and spatulas into a piece of artwork for my kitchen nook!

Resources: *I utilized all products from the Martha Stewart line since I discover them to be the very best top quality for the greatest price.

  • craft paint
  • craft glue
  • paint brushes
  • satin overlay
  • embellishments
  • wooden utensils

Phase 1.

Initial factors 1st, paint your handles. If you’d like a much more precise look, tape off a stopping stage. I liked a bit of an imperfect, casual type so I just permitted the brush to make the ‘shabby chic’ edges.

Phase 2.

Let the handles to entirely dry. I painted one side plus the two edges prior to I flipped them above and painted the other.

Phase three.

Apply your satin finish. This is not a necessity but it will give it a seal and shining finish. Also, the paint is much less probably to chip during usage. You will want to let this to dry totally ahead of you start to embellish.

Stage four.

It is time to embellish! Grab your craft glue and get creative. You can use every little thing from sparkles to washi tape to sequins to buttons. I chose little crystals to do the occupation and decided to just stick with gold pieces, bringing out the golden tones in the wood.

Stage 5.

Allow the embellishments dry completely. You really don’t want to area your utensils in a canister or display and have your new decor bits sliding off the handle! As soon as every thing is dry and sealed, display them off for every person to see. Aside from, it’ll also give you simple access to them in the course of cooking hrs.

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