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We all want our homes to be different from the other houses, to provide a special feeling of peace, freedom and infinite space. We are pretty sure you’ve thought about what you should have or change in order to make your homefeelcozy and airy. Have you found the right answer for your question? Because if not, we have one for you: floor to ceilingwindows.

Just like any other things, floor to ceiling windows have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the good news! First of all, you should definitely use them to lighten up your home. Natural light will help you to relax after a difficult day and will also enhance your creativity.

Floor to ceiling windows are aesthetically pleasing, they create wonderful visual effects and in the same time they will give you a sense of freedom by making the room seem larger. If you’re lucky enough to live across the sea or surrounded by nature, you just hit the jackpot! Unobstructedpanoramicviews will bring a special meaning to every morning.

Now that we’ve talked about the good things, let’s talk a little about the drawbacks. If you hate curtains and you don’t use solar shades, you may have a problem: lack of privacy. If the glass is not tempered, you may encounter safety issues. Plus, tempered glass is very expensive! Also, given the fact that glass is not the best insulator in the world, you could experience heat loss and lack of ventilation. And if you have kids or pets there is no way you can keep your windows clean for a long period of time. However, after finding out about the pros and cons, maybe you should see with your own eyes if they’re worth trying or not(and in what areas of the house). It’s up to you!

1. In the kitchen

Thisgorgeouskitchen is part of a loft in Barcelona designed by Studio Vuong. As you can see, the connection between it and the outdoor patio is madethrough floor to ceiling windows. The kitchen looksmorespacious, comfortable and elegant.

In this dark painted kitchen, white cabinets and oversized windows are essential. The bold contrast between the walls and white cabinetry, together with natural light create a relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly what you need to peacefully enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

2. In the bathroom

If you live in the middle of nowhere, far away from the prying eyes of neighbors, you can consider adding a floor to ceiling window in your bathroom. This master bathroom is part of Ellis Residence by Coates DesignArchitects.

A luxurious feeling is given by this gorgeous bathroom which is part of JadeOceanPenthouse2 in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The sloped floor to ceiling windows will turn that place in a sanctuary from which you can quietly admire the landscape.

3. In the bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the place where you spend most of your free time, especially while you’re resting. Enjoy the morning Sun through floor to ceiling windows.

4. In the living room

Looking for the perfectliving room? How about a great view, a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a wall mounted TV? This living room is part of a project called The Residence, designed by Hufft Projects. Pictures by Alistair Tutton.

5. In the dining room

In this residence, the pleasant moments during dinner are completed by a wonderful backyard view, due to the floor to ceiling windows in this area. This contemporary house was designed by Larue Architects and is located in Austin, Texas.

6. In your office

Having an office with a view will inspire you every time you will have to work from home. Floor to ceiling windows are just perfect for this, because they will create the illusion of space, thus making the room seem breezy. This way it will be easier for you to focus on your tasks.

7. In your hallway

What better way to fill your house with natural light than by adding floor to ceiling windows in the hallway? If you don’t believe us take a look at these pictures. If you have a problem with privacy, use shutters (or curtains)and get rid of all your worries regarding this aspect.

8. In your walk-in closet

You probably wonder why you would need huge windows around your walk-in closet. Well, the answer is simple: if you are a very well organized person, you will definitely make a statement by showing all your clothes and the way they are arranged. Who knows, maybe some people will admire you even more.

9. In the kids room

Some people don’t think it is a good idea to install floor to ceiling windows in their kid’s room. If you really want this, please make sure you use safety glass.

10. In the reading corner.

There is no better place for a reading nook than somewhere around a huge window. A floor to ceiling window will be just perfect, don’t you think?

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