Pe No Monte Rural Tourism by [i]da arquitectosDaily Interior Design Ideas

Photographer Joao Morgado has sent us images of a rural tourism property in Odemira, Portugal, designed by [i]da arquitectos.

You can see an aerial video of the project – here.

Located on the Alentejo Coast, the Monte Novo da Cruz is a rural property strongly characterized by a gently undulating land with slopes sometimes relevant. The presence of a curtain of high trees along the south-eastern perimeter of the site and a dense vegetation near a south-western stream stand out in the landscape.

In the centre of the property, in a high position, there is an old rural construction in an advanced state of degradation.

The proposal for the Monte Novo da Cruz seeks to establish a contrast dialogue between the existing and the new building which sometimes merge with each other, creating a smooth transition between the past and the present. This relationship is materialized through two types of intervention, placed at different levels on the ground:
In the upper level, the intervention consists on recovering and expanding the existing building for owners’ house. The planimetric composition is made up by a succession of spaces, which ends with a double height common lounge with a central fireplace. On the north-west side are located the main entrance and supporting spaces intercalated with small garden courtyards for natural lighting and ventilation. On the south-east side, to the contrary, are located the main spaces overlooking the garden and pool.

In the lower level, the intervention results in a new independent building that adapts to the topography of the site and uses the slope of the ground to differentiate the owners’ house of the guest areas. This long volume, half-buried and perpendicular to the line of trees, preserves the scale of the house and reinforces the verticality of vegetation. Its unique façade is characterized both by a wide opening framing vistas of the landscape as well as by a stand-alone pergola reducing the amount of direct sunlight coming inside the rooms and providing privacy for guests. At the level of arrival the building is almost imperceptible to the eye, only a long terrace with seating areas for contemplation of the surrounding nature is visible.

The connection between the two volumes is developed through a central courtyard, the heart of the whole complex. It is from it that is organized the distribution and access to the different parts.

Caretaker’s House

The XXS house is a small caretaker’s house of a rural tourism, Pe no Monte in Odemira. This square house with 8.40×8.40m marks the path of access through two blind and white walls that lead us to the entrance area of the tourist complex. The contact with the outside is done only by two shaded entry courtyards that ensure good visibility to the owners’ house entrance, vegetable garden and parking.

Coogee Home in Sydney Featuring a Wonderful Glass-Roofed PergolaDaily Interior Design Ideas

architecture modern house Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergola
CoogeeHouse in Sydney, Australia is an illustration of how contemporarydesign and style can be mixed and matched with healthier residing. Tanner Kibble Denton Architectsis structured close to a water feature and exudes an optimum indoor-outdoorconnection. The inhabitants can appreciate time outdoors, despite the reasonably modest portion of land which remained unbuilt. A wonderful glass roofed pergola is the focal level of thisoutside spot, covering a specific lounge &#8220venue&#8221 which significantly extends the all round residing area.
design modern house Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergola
Warmth is addedthrough an inspiring array of materials and finishes: &#8220The house employstimber extensively in framing, cladding, flooring and ceilings, adding a richness to the spaces and warmth, specifically in the upper ranges in which occupants are closest to the clear finished timber ceiling. Generosity of area is supplied via the doubleheightvolume, allowing other secondary spaces to be more modest and intimate&#8221.

The stair is a significant element in the home and is created to be a prominent architectural element, although still supplying an intimate expertise. An environment of soothing calm is launched during, which is most likely our favored feature of this Sydney residence.
exterior modern house Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolaidea modern house Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolamodern house 3 Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolamodern house 4 Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolamodern house 7 Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolamodern house 8 Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergolamodern house 9 Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergola

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Monday Edit | LVMH’s Cheval Blanc Randheli Hotel In The MaldivesDaily Interior Design Ideas

Following on from the achievement of Europe’s luxury ski resort Cheval Blanc Courchevel, LouisVuitton Moet Hennessy not too long ago opened a second hotel, Cheval Blanc Randheli, but this time it is surrounded by the pristine waters of the Maldives.










Images: Cheval Blanc Randheli

The 46 villa hotel was created for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, by Jean-Michel Gathy, who also developed the Aman Resorts and Chedi Musta. Taking inspiration from the pristine waters and blue skies that the Maldives are loved for, the hotel delivers 46 villas of pure luxury that combinemodern luxury with classic craftsmanship of the Maldives.

Every single of the villas has relaxed luxury at their fore, with personal providers, private pools, luxury furniture, custom accessories, as well as the opportunity to indulge in a private remedy by Guerlain.

For people who are a little a lot more adventurous and not all for soothing, the Maldives retreatprovides watersports, Padi-licensed diving tours and much more, while the ‘foodies’ can indulge a single of the 5 dining establishments from three-Michelin star chef, Yannick Alleno.

The Maldives hotel is second of the Ceveral Blanc hotel&#8217s by LVMH, with ideas to open a lot more offering the exact same exclusive services in numerous areas about the world.

None found.

Our Office Coffee CartDaily Interior Design Ideas

dc2e2  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbc71970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Okay, Ok, I know that there is a wide range of categories when it comes to folks and their coffee. Some individuals are casual, every single-so-frequently coffee drinkers. Other folks are fairly intense about their coffee. Like, truly extreme. Like do not-talk-to-me-in fact-on-2nd-considered-never-even-search-at-me-till-I’ve-had-my-coffee intense. Some men and women are coffee aficionados and can in fact select out the subtle notes of vanilla, or blueberry, or bacon, or whatever other crazy factor is supposed to be in their primo cup of joe. Other individuals, even so, feel their irish cream hazelnut chocolate explosion java just isn’t flavored sufficient (guilty on that a single). The group members here at the ABM studio fall during all these categories, so when I started out to set up our studio coffee cart, I wanted to have a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. Here’s a rundown of how we built our office coffee cart:31fd7  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccdda98970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Buying the coffee: Considering that we are catering to some quite diverse coffee tastes, it really is a very good notion to keep many various kinds on hand. We really like several of the PT’s Coffee choices, but we also throw in a handful of flavored coffees (like caramel macchiato or hazelnut flavored) as nicely. Of course, it is useful to have a little coffee bean grinder for coffee that isn’t already ground. Based on the kind of coffee maker we are using, we decide if we need it ground finer than normal (like for pour-in excess of coffee or espresso), so make sure to hold that in thoughts when getting a grinder. Nevertheless, when we are getting our bag of coffee from a coffee store, they will grind it even so we need. (Thanks, Coffee Ethic!)31fd7  6a00d8358081ff69e201a73d88f827970d 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Making the coffee: It truly is fun to have a handful of different techniques on hand that coffee can be created. Our new photographer Sarah really utilized to be a barista for a couple coffee shops in Nashville a even though back, so we like to make her brew the coffee whenever we can. We have a common coffee pot so we can make many quick cups at once for everyone, but we also have a Chemex for pour-over coffee and a french press as effectively. My favored way to have coffee comes from the espresso machine exactly where we can make lattes (we ladies at the studio are quite large on lattes). I am hoping Sarah will drive our latte high quality through the roof in the up coming couple of months. I also added some glass containers to preserve the different coffee filters contained and organized.e9dca  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccddad6970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Consuming the coffee: Of course coffee mugs are a quite important portion of consuming coffee (duh!), so we had to have a handful of on the cart for effortless access. We have a mixture of rather white mugs and personal novelty mugs floating all around the office (everybody understands that the cat-themed mug is mine). Given that most on the staff don’t like their coffee black, we stock our cart with loads of entertaining additions for the coffee. We have sugar shakers filled with each sugar and stevia to sweeten the drinks, but we also have a few coffee syrups as nicely. Whilst you can buy lots of various flavors of syrups, they are also really simple to make! I made vanilla, almond, stevia, and hazelnut flavors for our cart. We of course have a creamer selection on hand that week in the fridge close by (we have an adorable Smeg next to our coffee cart to maintain our creamer cold). And we cannot overlook the coffee stirrers!5db43  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbd77970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 6acc8  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbda5970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 6acc8  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccddb47970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 0823d  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbde3970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things We also keep some tea on the cart for tea drinkers. I know I do not often feel like coffee every day, so it truly is great to have the tea option as properly. As you may well already know, Elsie is a enormous tea fan. From time to time we also include a few snacks that go nicely with coffee like biscotti or shortbread cookies—yum! So far everybody has genuinely been enjoying the different characteristics of our studio cart. What type of coffee supplies do you preserve on hand? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes, Photos edited using Imogen from the Folk Assortment

Nation Property With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan CountrysideDaily Interior Design Ideas

Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside

Simpleluxury and distinctive furnishings can make thisgorgeousvilla a fantastic area to kick up your heels and take pleasure in the surrounding of the beautifulruralTuscan landscape. It’s elegance and simplicity at its best.

The interiordécor is progressive with a 60s taste. Space is of the essence with hugerooms, substantial ceilings with exposedbeams, and bare floors with accentsrugs strewn here and there. Wealthy colors are tempered by earthy tones. Straight lines, squares, rectangles, and circles all through the space develop a geometric interior that is sharp, mellow, and relaxed concurrently.

A fireplace adds the correct degree of welcomeness, giving the area a cozy and warm vibe. In addition, an elongated sofa in a wealthy organicgreen shade adorned with rows of cushiony pillows adds to the totalcomfort of the area. The very same spot doubles as an enjoyment hub with a prolonged table and effortless chairs for dining.

Travertine tiles during the villa in an antique light-reddish tone keeps the area great but cozy. Every tile is particularly laid generating a down-to-earth ambiance, nevertheless remaining in the realm of large sophistication. The setting is striking, tailored, and tasteful. An eclectic mix of practicality with contemporary accents weaves an interesting merger of right now meets yesterday.

Excessiveness is purposely avoided in purchase to keep a tranquil feeling in every single space. Broad arched doorways, complemented by ecru colored walls hold the roommuted but dynamic. Even in the bedroom and bathroom, a minimalist technique completely operates with the rest of the space. It is luxury meets realism. It is subtle ornamentation subdued by fine lines and indulgence simultaneously.

Just the proper amount of natural light pours by way of every window and French door, maintaining with the standard theme of the villa of open space and liveliness. The decorative design of this classic villa stays within the realm of previous-fashion easiness although molding into organic and area age shapes.

The theme of the villa’s décor is carried to the exterior with Verner Panton chairs. The outside is serene and quaint with lots of comfort for entertaining. Picturesque views add to the all round gorgeousness of the location with a spectacularbackdrop on see from each and every angle.

The modernism and abstract expressionism is apparent during the grounds. Each and every portion of nature is taken into consideration down to each piece of furnishings and ornamentation, easily complementing the organic surroundings. Minimalism as a kind of modernism geared towards the most crucial elements is what describes this tailored villa. Earth and tranquility, with each other with contemporary design and style and brilliant splashes of color makes this villa each hospitable and intriguing.

Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 2Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 3Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 4Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 5Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 6Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 7Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 8Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 9Country House With Contemporay Interior in the Tuscan Countryside 10

By way of Specific Umbria