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dc2e2  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbc71970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Okay, Ok, I know that there is a wide range of categories when it comes to folks and their coffee. Some individuals are casual, every single-so-frequently coffee drinkers. Other folks are fairly intense about their coffee. Like, truly extreme. Like do not-talk-to-me-in fact-on-2nd-considered-never-even-search-at-me-till-I’ve-had-my-coffee intense. Some men and women are coffee aficionados and can in fact select out the subtle notes of vanilla, or blueberry, or bacon, or whatever other crazy factor is supposed to be in their primo cup of joe. Other individuals, even so, feel their irish cream hazelnut chocolate explosion java just isn’t flavored sufficient (guilty on that a single). The group members here at the ABM studio fall during all these categories, so when I started out to set up our studio coffee cart, I wanted to have a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. Here’s a rundown of how we built our office coffee cart:31fd7  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccdda98970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Buying the coffee: Considering that we are catering to some quite diverse coffee tastes, it really is a very good notion to keep many various kinds on hand. We really like several of the PT’s Coffee choices, but we also throw in a handful of flavored coffees (like caramel macchiato or hazelnut flavored) as nicely. Of course, it is useful to have a little coffee bean grinder for coffee that isn’t already ground. Based on the kind of coffee maker we are using, we decide if we need it ground finer than normal (like for pour-in excess of coffee or espresso), so make sure to hold that in thoughts when getting a grinder. Nevertheless, when we are getting our bag of coffee from a coffee store, they will grind it even so we need. (Thanks, Coffee Ethic!)31fd7  6a00d8358081ff69e201a73d88f827970d 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Making the coffee: It truly is fun to have a handful of different techniques on hand that coffee can be created. Our new photographer Sarah really utilized to be a barista for a couple coffee shops in Nashville a even though back, so we like to make her brew the coffee whenever we can. We have a common coffee pot so we can make many quick cups at once for everyone, but we also have a Chemex for pour-over coffee and a french press as effectively. My favored way to have coffee comes from the espresso machine exactly where we can make lattes (we ladies at the studio are quite large on lattes). I am hoping Sarah will drive our latte high quality through the roof in the up coming couple of months. I also added some glass containers to preserve the different coffee filters contained and organized.e9dca  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccddad6970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things Consuming the coffee: Of course coffee mugs are a quite important portion of consuming coffee (duh!), so we had to have a handful of on the cart for effortless access. We have a mixture of rather white mugs and personal novelty mugs floating all around the office (everybody understands that the cat-themed mug is mine). Given that most on the staff don’t like their coffee black, we stock our cart with loads of entertaining additions for the coffee. We have sugar shakers filled with each sugar and stevia to sweeten the drinks, but we also have a few coffee syrups as nicely. Whilst you can buy lots of various flavors of syrups, they are also really simple to make! I made vanilla, almond, stevia, and hazelnut flavors for our cart. We of course have a creamer selection on hand that week in the fridge close by (we have an adorable Smeg next to our coffee cart to maintain our creamer cold). And we cannot overlook the coffee stirrers!5db43  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbd77970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 6acc8  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbda5970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 6acc8  6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fccddb47970b 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things 0823d  6a00d8358081ff69e201a5117dbde3970c 800wi Our Office Coffee Cart cute things We also keep some tea on the cart for tea drinkers. I know I do not often feel like coffee every day, so it truly is great to have the tea option as properly. As you may well already know, Elsie is a enormous tea fan. From time to time we also include a few snacks that go nicely with coffee like biscotti or shortbread cookies—yum! So far everybody has genuinely been enjoying the different characteristics of our studio cart. What type of coffee supplies do you preserve on hand? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes, Photos edited using Imogen from the Folk Assortment

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