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““Tan’s GardenVilla” Back in 2001, the Proprietor, Mr Adrian Tan, commissioned Aamer to design his home(s) at No 42. There a massive bungalow plot was divided into two to accommodate separate but identicalhouses which won the prestigious Singapore Institute of Architects’ Design and style Award in 2004.

Some ten years later on Adrian acquired the plot following door, No forty, with the intention of constructing an additional house and as a result having three houses one for themselves and a single for every of their two grown up sons with their future households.

The idea, as a result, was to design the new house in sync with the previous two but distinct, of course. Adrian specifically requested for a garden courtyard and koi pond. Therefore, the swimmingpool was designed on the roof with incredible views over the estate and surrounding houses which are primarily two storey bungalows.

Also, for this house, considering that the sons are previously in their late teenagers and early twenties they wanted much more room and privacy. So an intriguing planning layout placed the boys’ rooms outdoors by way of a verandah terrace with their personal accessibility from the ground correct up to the rooftop enjoyment area and pool garden terrace.

Significantly like the initial two houses the components are very organic like timber, marble and granites, blending well with the lush vertically stacked gardens.

In addition, related to the very first two houses, gardens and greenery are essential to the Proprietor. So while the 1st two houses had trees increasing by way of wooden balconies, this time creepers are twining up vertical timber trellises that extend over the rooftop swimming pool. Even the bath rooms are open to gardens with lush flora and fauna like birds &amp butterflies producing this a truly vertical backyard villa!”

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