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Property plants have a good deal of rewards. They can increase the air top quality in your property and add colour and interest to your decor. Regrettably, the containers they come in are typically plain and don’t do significantly to draw the eye to your gorgeous plants.

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There are loads of a lot more fascinating planters you can purchase, but if you’re far more of the DIY sort, here’s an extremely effortless tutorial to aid you spruce up your planters. And it just utilizes some simple supplies you probably currently have lying close to your property.

What you require:

Felt strips in 4 various colors (or far more)


Scorching glue

Plain planter

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Start off by cutting your felt into strips that match just close to the planter and measure just under an inch broad. Lower small half circles into each and every strip, leaving a little area in tact at the prime so that the scallops are even now connected in a strip. Commence at the bottom of the planter and glue the ends of the strip of scallops to the planter.

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Then layer one more strip of scallops in excess of the prime of that one particular so that the scallops are staggered and not immediately in excess of the leading of 1 another. Do this till your planter is covered, gluing the ends of every single strip in area and rotating colours. If you are employing a huge planter, you might need to have to apply a minor bit a lot more glue in the middle of the strip so that it does not droop down. But really don’t go overboard due to the fact you might want to eliminate the strips at some point to switch out diverse colours or patterns.

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Once the glue is dry, you should have a considerably more colorful and fascinating planter with some texture and dimension. You can also apply this same idea to make other patterns to cover your planter. You can make a zig-zag chevron pattern, plain stripes, or fundamentally any other kind of abstract layout or pattern.

670b7  felt scalloped planter DIY Felt Scalloped Planter other

What colours and patterns would you use to cover your planters?

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