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Architect and builder Volker Wiese emulated the Bauhaus style when produced his dream residence in Berlin. Wiese settled on a site for his new undertaking in the stylish but urban spot of Berlin-Grunewald where he demolished a run-down publish war constructing.

To secure privacy synthetic HI-MACS cladding is arranged symmetrically to form an intimate and sheltered courtyard on the within, with fascinating planes and offset facades mixed with large windows.

Mindful of the connection among nature, sustainability and residing was pivotal to the style. The architectural company Kaden Klingbeil executed the sound wood frame and ceilings. Façade panels were mounted on aluminum structures, and he opted for a ventilated rain display making it possible for the structures to seem significantly less evident.

Wiese pioneered the use of Hi-MAC panels in the house to make not only an aesthetically interesting final result but a sustainable, weatherproof and personal home.

Photograph credits: Dirk Wilhelmy

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