Mini Bar Furniture For Stylish Entertainment AreasDaily Interior Design Ideas

Entertaining guests is something we all do and enjoy, whether it’s fromtime to time or on a regular basis. Those that put great value on this designtheirhomes in such a way that entertaining guests becomes easy and natural, with a bar area and everything else. But, in most cases, some mini bar furniture is just what the home needs.

Bar cabinets.

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The Marin Bar Cabinet has a beautiful mid-centurymodern design and a classic, elegantlook. It’s crafted of solid weathered elm and offers generous storage for bottles and barware. Inside, it has one fixed and one adjustable shelf as well as three shelves for wine bottles and a storage drawer.Available from $ 700.

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The Steamer bar cabinet features an elegant design inspired by the vintage steamer trunk which has been updated to suit modern homes. The cabinet is crafted of American ash solids and veneers and with a rich ebony finish and silver finished hardware. It has storage for bottles on the inside of the doors and addition storage and stem racks inside.Available for $ 1400.

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featuring a compact and simple design, the Parker Spirits cabinet has two leaves that flip open expanding the top surface. This makes the cabinet ideal for smallspaces. The front doors can create an open serving area and the side shelves offer storage for bottles and stemware.Available for $ 400.

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Designed by Nathan Yong, the Line Wine Bar makes a statement with its stylish design inspired by the 1960’s furniture. It has two drawers with leather pulls, an open cubby and two storage racks for stemware. There’s also storage for bottles and the racks are removable.Available on site.

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This modular bar tower is a stylish alternative to built-in cabinetry, featuring a design that’sboth elegant and space-efficient. It’s crafted of mahogany and hardwood with a hutch that can hold 9 wine glasses and a wine rack which can hold 24 bottles.Available for $ 619.

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The Harvey Wallbanger is a small wall-mounted bar ideal for small rooms but also for outdoor entertainment areas. It has a hinged panel doors which doubles as a prep area and interior magnets which hold it closed. Inside, there’s storage for bottles and a built-in shelf for glassware and bar equipment.Available for $ 429.

Bar carts.

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The vintage-industrial design of the Harris zinc-top bar cart offers it a very distinctive look. It’s crafted of repurposed materials and has a rich character which captures the rusticappeal of the original designs that inspired it. The frame is made of hardwood with a zinc top.Available for $ 1700.

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The SAIC tonic bar cart is designed to fit in the corner of the room. The cart is triangular in shape and was crafted out of clear acrylic. This not only makes it extremely versatile but also gives it a minimalistic look which makes it perfect for contemporary interiors.Available for $ 509.

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Entertaining guests is easy and fun when you have a chic bar cart to help you. This one has a metallic structure which gives it a subtle industrial look. The gold finish, however, makes the piece stand out and look elegant.{found on sohautestyle}.

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Simple, wooden bar carts are probably the most popular. Even a small one such as this one can be extremely practical. There’s plenty of storage both at the top and the bottom for thingslike bottles, glassware and tools and accessories and the white finish allows the cart to look stylish in pretty much any décor.


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When there’s no room for a bar cabinet or even for a small bar cart, you can just opt for a tray instead. Use it to gather your collection of fine bottles and displaythem on a side table or console table, wherever you find fit.

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You can find room for it in the kitchen. Perhaps you can let it sit on a shelf, on the counter or on top of the microwave oven. A tray is a simple way to keep everything organized and ready to be used whenever guests are coming over.{found on corynnepless}.

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You can keep the tray in the living, casually resting on the table or media unit. Or maybe you can design the living room furniture in such a way that it includes storage for stemware and the tray is just a way to keep all the bottles in one place, ready to be moved around.

DIY bars.

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When none of the options presented above suits your home or your preferences, there’s one more option you can try: a DIY project. For example try turning an Expedit desk from Ikeainto a chic bar for your living room. Use the desk extension and add-on and add an undercabinet stemware rack and wine bottle racks.{found on ikeahackers}.

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Or perhaps you’d like to turn your old bookcase into a bar. You just have to embellish it a little bit. Sand down the piece, prime it, paint it and decorate the interior with wrappingpaper, wallpaper or whatever else you want to use. Add the storage racks for bottles and stemware.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by FormabilioDaily Interior Design Ideas

design modern decorating ideas Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabilio What if there was an easy way to creativelyupgrade your home, without the hassle of handiwork? We’ve stumbled across Edera, a decorative modular system envisioned by ItaliandesignerLoris De Grandi and produced by Formabilio. The project consists of rhomboid elements able to grow and evolve in the way that we like the most, starting from a soft carpet to become a headboard for beds and sofas. The base element has two equilateral triangles with soft padding and fluffy felt with contrast stitching and non-slip bottom. interior modern decorating ideas Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabilio

The Velcro strips along the sides of the triangle allow a fast and intuitive connection between the modules, ensuring a perfect seal in the carpet version, while the practical snap buttons allow you to create compositions to be hung on the ceiling or fixed to the wall. The strength of thisfurniture is the customization factor, freedom of interaction that let the users compose the modules according to their tastes and needs, creatingoriginalsurfaces, stylish and ready to be changed at any time. The possibilities are endless and the various colormerges can lead to dynamicinteriors filled with personality. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Loris De Grandi]

ideas modern decorating Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabiliomodern decorating ideas 2 Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabiliomodern decorating ideas 4 Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabiliomodern decorating ideas 5 Colorful and Dynamic Modular System for Instant Home Upgrading: Edera by Formabilio

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Stylish Pillows as Comfy Additions to Bed Headboard: Comoditi by Formabilio

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Minimalist Lighting Combo With an Industrial Twist: Vialattea Lamp by Formabilio

Minimalist Lighting Combo With an Industrial Twist: Vialattea Lamp by Formabilio

Playful Cabinets: NODO Furnishings Loved ones by Andrea Brugnera

Playful Cabinets: NODO Furnishings Loved ones by Andrea Brugnera

Make Your Very own Hand-Stamped NecklaceDaily Interior Design Ideas

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace I never believe I am alone in this thought, but I adorecustomized objects. Get any cool object and add a phrase I reallylike, my husband’s or cats’ names, a meaningful song lyric—I’m a complete sucker for it all. For Valentine’s Day this yr I received a silver bar necklace with my guy’s name engraved, and ever since then I’ve been dying for more customized necklaces. Which is the place the technique of stamping metal comes in! When you get comfortable with the approach, you can make all sorts of personalized projects.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace abeautifulmess.comCommon stamping supplies:

-jeweler’s bench block
-letter and amount punch stamps
-masking/painter’s tape
-black marker
-rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol)

Supplies for double pendant necklace:
-two bar stamping blanks or circle stamping blanks
-leap rings
-necklace clasp (I used a SpringRing fashion clasp)
-gold necklace chain (something like this 1 in what ever thickness you want)

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Ok. First factors first. For the basic stamping approach, you will want to use your masking tape to tape your stamping blank onto your metal bench block. The metal block gives a company surface behind the blank so your impression will seem a whole lot cleaner (think me, I experimented with it on a considerably softer surface first, and the impression was not practically as defined). Location your tape so that it holds your blank in spot and also gives you a guideline to stick to for your phrase. If you want an additional guideline, you can also spot a piece of tape across the best of your blank as effectively, leaving a gap that is just taller than your letters will be.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Decide on the metal punch stamps that will make your phrase/identify/hashtag, and location them in the correct buy in front of you. Make sure they are previously turned the correct way so you do not get halfway by way of your phrase and then understand you just stamped the “R” upside down. Completely done that 1. I would hugely recommend acquiring a bunch of less expensive blanks to practice on (like these) if you have never stamped before. It took me a although prior to I acquired the come to feel for it, and it helps to have a practice round to test out your phrase and get warmed up before you stamp your item.

Commencing with your middle character, hold your stamp in the suitable spot on your blank and use your hammer to do a light tap on the punch stamp, followed by a 2nd firm hit. The very first light tap aids you get the truly feel for the place to hit so you can come down significantly harder on the second hit. Performing much more than a single large hit could outcome in obtaining a second ghost impression if your punch stamp moves at all, but, with a small practice, you must be ready to do more than one large hit if you want a deeper impression. I observed that my distinct hitting style tends to leave a lighter impression on reduced “limbs” of some of the letters (like on the reduced leg of the “R” which makes it appear far more like a “P”), so on those letters I do a single further hit whilst I rock my punch stamp somewhat towards me to make sure I get the full letter stamped. Once your 1st character is in spot, continue to stamp the letters 1 at a time on both side until finally your phrase is complete.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace abeautifulmess.comMake Your Own Handstamped Necklace To darken the letters, use a black marker and colour in excess of the phrase you just stamped. Put some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe in excess of the letters. The marker should be cleaned from the surface but continue to be in the letters to make the phrase much more legible.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Now that you’ve acquired the basics down, you can do whatever you want! To make my double bar and double pendant necklaces, I stamped two of the exact same blanks with related phrases and cut a longer and a shorter length of chain. I employed leap rings to attach the blanks to the chain and two more jump rings to attach the two chains to the necklace closure. Since I needed the necklaces to be a single piece with two chains as an alternative of two separate necklaces, I only employed a single closure per necklace. If you want to keep them separate, just give each one particular its personal closure and you can wear them collectively as a set or just put on a single at a time.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Though you do have to customize your phrase based on how huge your stamping blank is (no prolonged, wordy phrases on individuals small bar necklaces, which is for certain!), you can nonetheless do anniversay dates, names, initials, or even hashtags for a small bit of exciting. The bottom of my round necklace says “ever ours,” which is the end of a phrase from a Beethoven love letter that Todd and I have written to each other over the years, and I integrated our anniversay date above it. And of program, I had to do a cat themed edition for the shorter bar necklace with our kitties’ initials (Mac &amp Charlie).

There are so many possiblities with stamping, even outdoors of jewelry, but this is definitely one concept that helps make a excellentgift for other people as effectively as a present to oneself. Pleased stamping! xo. Laura

Credits // Writer: Laura Gummerman, Photography by: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Images edited employing Stella from the Signature Collection.

David Hsu Design and style Peliship Floating ShelvesDaily Interior Design Ideas

David Hsu Design Peliship Floating Shelves
Peliships are wall-mounted ledges designed for individuals of us who have rid ourselves of physical books and magazines in favor of digital media, leaving behind objects that remind us of who we are and in which we have been.

Inspired by water vessels, a closer seem at the wood grain one particular may possibly picture barnacles or lines of water ripples. Some have also explained a wall of Peliships appear like a flock of pelicans carrying our precious cargo and therefore its given title.

Currently handmade in New York and Kentucky, Every Peliship is exclusive and is available in reliable walnut or maple, little, medium or big, point in both path, and with or with out felt lining for Elkamii’s pots.
Uncover the floatingshelves here.


The Kitchen Pantry Tracy KelseyDaily Interior Design Ideas

The KitchenPantry, owned by lovilee Penny Owens, is situated in the Benmore Gardens buying centre shut to the Sandton CBD. Photographer Tracy Kelsey paid them a go to and took some lovilee photos.

The shop consists of a on-the-go coffee and tea bar serving Origin artisan coffee and Nigiro loose-leaf teas. Then there is the primary retail location. Theystock a huge selection of goodslike brand names like Le Creuset, Wusthof, Victorinox, KitchenCraft, Black + Blum, KitchenAid, Tala, Jamie Oliver and Tefal Cookware, to title just a number of!

They have a dedicated demo and dining location found behind the coffee bar in which they host evening Master Class demonstration occasions – these are themed and supply a assortment of menus, providing customers the possibility to discover to cook, and taste, a broad variety of different dishes.

The demonstrations can be booked for little private functions such as birthday dinners, girls nights, book club meets, kitchen teas and even staff builds. They are able to accommodate 12 pax.

The Kitchen Pantry is virtually a 1-end-store for foodies, cooks and kitchenware lovers &#8211 every thing 1 could need for the kitchen under a single roof, and it is a excellent spot to get a present too! Ladies, men and young children will all enjoy their keep, if they love to cook, or they know people who adore to cook!

It is a retail concept that focusses on the passion for every thing ‘cooking and kitchen’. It is a treasure trove and an inspiration to all going to buyers. They have a fantastic assortment of kitchen add-ons, décor objects, cooking utensils and gadgets, giftconcepts and even appliances to satisfy any kitchen or foods lover. my personalized favouriteappliance becoming a mini candy floss machine

&#8216Our brand is all about ‘the experience’ at the Kitchen Pantry, from the products to the ambiance, to the exceptional client services you will obtain. All our products are personally hand chosen for their high quality, functionality or stunning style. When you browse our shop, you will locate numerous ‘have to have’ kitchenware objects, utensils, gadgets and gifts. You will uncover consumers sitting in our warm coffee bar, chatting to every other or to our store assistants, and in the background the wealthy aroma of our tasty coffee currently being brewed … ours is a personal, warm and inviting knowledge.&#8217 &#8211 Penny Owens

They also have a lovilee tasks that you can get portion in from time to time:

For more details pay a visit to them on Facebook or get in make contact with with Penny Owens on (011) 784 4244 or e-mail her at

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Redesign: Pantries with Panache

What’s Occurring | Sneakerboy

What’s Occurring | Sneakerboy

Modern Istanbul Bachelor Pad with Open Interior by OfistDaily Interior Design Ideas


Turkish design firm Ofist fashioned this fabulous bachelor-pad penthouse with cool that can’t be denied, and nothing to hide! Measuring just shy of 2,000 sq. ft., this sprawlingloft in Istanbul’s city centre carries continuous architecturalelements, materials and even function, made expressly for its bachelor owner, and his singular needs and desires. Since there was no need for walls or privacy, the designers exploited the owner’s bachelorhood to create a wide openspace without walls. The design comes together as a fusion of location – a historic centre of commerce which has recently emerged as an art, shopping and dining destination – and its occupant, whose love of nature translates into the materials and the open layout.


The entrance welcomes you with an rich palette of stone tiles underfoot, exposed steel duct work overhead, and artworks that invite you to admire, and explore the depths of design perfection!


This double-height livingroom is physically expanded with a gabled roof; it is visually expanded through the use of a folded window wall at the lower level and a second row of windows overlooking the loft upstairs. Wood wraps the walls and ceiling, complementing its earthy counterparts of stone and iron, soaked in sunlight.


The home’s layout isn’t preoccupied with separation of spaces – after all, it is made for one. Ofist exploited this to create a fully open interior, which lets you appreciate all its architectural elements from any point in the home – the high peak of the roof, the gentle curve of the wood-clad walls as they become ceiling, the loft which puts you within reach of the upper-level shelf housing collections of books and other bachelor basics. A large suspendedfireplace further connects the upper and lower levels, reaching down from the gabled ceiling and finding its home at the heart of the home.


Indeed, the fireplace serves as a focal point for the living room, kitchen, and loft space overhead. In line with the home’s “open” philosophy, even the shelves are fully open with nothing to hide.


This gourmet kitchen design is an entertainer’s dream, boasting tons of counter space, a gas stove, and all the chef’s essentials, always within view and within easy reach. Toward the rear, a set of floating stars protrude from the wall, leading you up with their unusual, industrial-style steps. Even the hand rail is turned on its head, dropping vertically from the ceiling before following the cement wall up to the loft.


The loft-level sleeping area puts the bed on a pedestal – literally. How bachelor-esque!


The view down reveals a brooding picture of black stone tiles spilling across the floor and wall, modernminimalistfurnishings that double as art, and the fireplace feature that instantly warms up this cool interior. A staggering of pendant lights illuminate the space at various levels.


Maintaining the home’s open philosophy, the bedroom area leads into the bathroom, dually separated by a clearglass wall, and a frosted glass door. Ofist via Design Boom photo credit: Koray Erkaya

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Candy Factory Loft Penthouse is Eye Candy for Luxury Lovers

Candy Factory Loft Penthouse is Eye Candy for Luxury Lovers

Most Luxurious Loft shocks with Beautiful Amenities

Most Luxurious Loft shocks with Beautiful Amenities

Industrial Condo Loft by LUX Design

Industrial Condo Loft by LUX Design

Artistic Wooden Benches By DEEPDaily Interior Design Ideas

chinese architects design sculptural wooden benches thumb Artistic Wooden Benches By DEEP interior design ideas

This bench has an almost snake-like or dragon-like top quality to it, in a very artistic way. It’;s usually kind of startling to see curved wood, especially carried out this nicely. Developed for an office constructing in Beijing, China – they are the brain youngster of the local architectural firm, dEEP. Suitable for positioning against the wall, or free of charge standing in the middle of the area, they are made from curved slats. What a neat searching workplace area this can make. Variety of reminds us of the wooden 3-D dinosaur puzzles. It truly is really extraordinary when you cease to consider about it: hundreds of slats of wood that make a really relaxed and ultra contemporary bench. And with this kind of a organic seem! A single search at this office and we’;d want to perform here. There’;s something absolutely fun about these pieces. Yet at the identical time, they are sleek and contemporary and straightforward with the normal beauty of the wood improving each and every curve.

chinese architects design sculptural wooden benches thumb  Artistic Wooden Benches By DEEP interior design ideas

The wood slats seem to go on permanently!

chinese architects design sculptural wooden benches thumb   Artistic Wooden Benches By DEEP interior design ideas

By means of Contemporist

pyrcfo c Artistic Wooden Benches By DEEP interior design ideas

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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

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French Country Home Interior Inspiration By Artistic Couple

Living By The Sea By MinarcDaily Interior Design Ideas

By Magaly – Classes: Art, Bedroom, Bookshelf, Decorative Accessory, DiningRoom, Furnishings, Hall and Entrance, House, InteriorStyle, Kitchen, Lighting, LivingArea, Rug, Staircase, Terrace, Wall Decor

Living by the Sea is a privateresidencedesigned by Minarc.

It is positioned in Malibu, California, and was finished in 2011.

Living by the Sea by Minarc:

“As any house or spot can harbor past events and emotions, thisrenovation clears the way for new horizons in sight and mind. Living by the Sea invites tranquility and serenity with its openness and natural ventilation, invoking the PacificOcean sea breeze and its vastness. An openatrium at the center of the home lures light and air throughout the creating, whilst motivating actions and interactions to be indoors.

The kitchen, powder space, residing area, dining area and balcony has a mirror on a single side and an opening on the other, offering a feeling of infinity on the two sides and applying the strategy of trompe l’oeil. The glass wall behind the kitchen displays the lovely ocean while the initial floor ceramic tiles and GRASSsit chairs propose the outsidefactors to be indoors. The 2nd floor master bedroom and bath, guest space, laundry and complete bath embrace an open Television/office area, the very same atrium to give natural ventilation and a Zen atmosphere to the spaces.

The residence incorporates LED lighting and radiant floor heating for price efficiency. There are no paint, no carpets nor forced air in the remodel process. The remodel wished to apply sustainable construction and tactics without sacrificing layout and aesthetic ambitions. It is where walnut and maple help to warm and unify the rooms. It is exactly where periwinkle, the client’s favored colour, is highlighted in the kitchen back splash and recycled glass countertops. It is exactly where the consumer can reminisce about the outdated instances but also create new ones. Living by the Sea is simplistic eco-aware design and style targeted on performance but also mindful fulfillment.”

Images courtesy of Minarc

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Ocean See House Embraces Earth - Fire - Air - Water

Ocean See House Embraces Earth – Fire – Air – Water

Holiday Tips for Decorating a Small SpaceDaily Interior Design Ideas

Decorating a smallspace can be tricky, especially during the holidayseason! This is our second yearcelebrating in our small apartment, and it’s definitely a lot easier than last year. I think when it comes down to it, you’ve got to change your expectations of what Christmas, or any holiday you’re celebrating, is in your mind. Changing your expectations isn’t a bad thing at all. But sometimes with a smaller space, you’ve got to have a bigger imagination and just simply simplify.

There are a few things that I’ve learned along the way that I apply when decorating my small space for this wonderful season!

1. Try to decorate with more natural pieces and natural tones. When you mix a small apartment and loud festive things, chances are, your space will feel too overwhelming. Instead of a chunky store-bought wreath, we decided to make our own using a few branchesfrom our tree. And instead of having a large holiday table centerpiece, I used a vintagelace tablecloth to give our space a more festive feel. Since the tablecloth is white, it keeps the room feeling a bit more spacious. You can use things found outside as a centerpiece as well (It’s also a great way to get the kids involved in decorating).

2. Decorate with smaller, more sentimental decorations. If you’re decorating a small space, it’s best to decorate with things on the smaller end. Try using more lights and less ornaments. All the extra stuff just becomes stuff.

3. Don’t be afraid to downsize your tree. Since I have River, and she’s at that age of really developing her own voice and expectations, I want to mold her idea of what a grand Christmas is. Even if we moveinto a larger space, I don’t want her expecting a huge tree every year. Keeping things small and simple, but still beautiful and fun is important.

I am so excited for yet another holiday in our small space as an even bigger family! Happy Holidays! -LaTonya

Casa Y By F:L ArchitettiDaily Interior Design Ideas

Casa Y F:L

Gorgeous venturelayout of Casa Y in Italian town of Turin comes from the drawing board of F:L Architettistudio, for a lot more carry on right after the break.

Casa Y F:LCasa Y F:L

From the Architects:

Set in the hills just outside Turin in northwestitaly, this family members residence is han workout in combining elegance with rationality, architecturalrefinement of supplies and amenities, and licensed vitality efficiency. Tucked into the hillside, this discreet volume is frequently marked out by narrow extrema stairs connecting the two ranges. at basement degree, a central distribution passage prospects off to a garage, examine, library, sauna and children’s playroom.

Casa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:L

On the upper floor, the programme generates a deliberate contrast amongst the living region – a large environment whose ample loggia projects outwards from the rest of the constructing nestled into the sloping terrain – and a night zone overlooking the valley on the south side. a lengthy narrow corridor forms the distribution circuit, its honest-faced concretewalls lit by shafts of light from a skylight working the full length of the passage way. Tall narrow windows at the finish of the corridors of each east and west wings are a organic continuation of the skylight, giving vistas onto the landscape outside. Slanting shafts of light also offset the smooth white concrete walls of an inner staircase whose graduated coloured measures and central place – hung from the ceiling slab – flip it into a striking interior décor characteristic. The bedrooms on the southeast side give onto the only piece of flat grassy ground. a boardwalk created from recycled formwork varieties a patio region in front of each room. Sunscreens of horizontal cor-ten slats shielding the total- height glazed façades open out 900 to produce a secluded spot in front of every single room. Slat inclination has been calculated on the basis of the sun’s summer and winter angles for optimum shielding.

Casa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:LCasa Y F:L

deceptively straightforward, the building’s geometry is posited on refinement and elegance. This is evidenced by the juxtaposition of materials like honest- faced concrete and steel, and the contrasting textures and finish of the unrendered concrete walls: silky smooth on the lower floor on account of the steel formwork used, and rough and rustic on the upper floor, patterned by timber formwork. contrasting textures are also a characteristic of the interiors. interior doors produced from stripped formwork add to this juxtaposition. in the night zone, each and every atmosphere has its personal ‘water zone’. The fair-faced concrete of the walls also kinds the bathtubs, contrasting to wonderful impact with the satin-finish steel faucets and stone washbasins.

Task: Casa Y
Developed by F:L Architetti
Area: 420. sqm
Area: Turin, Italy
Pictures: Daniele Domenicali, Fabrizio Caudana

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