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Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace I never believe I am alone in this thought, but I adorecustomized objects. Get any cool object and add a phrase I reallylike, my husband’s or cats’ names, a meaningful song lyric—I’m a complete sucker for it all. For Valentine’s Day this yr I received a silver bar necklace with my guy’s name engraved, and ever since then I’ve been dying for more customized necklaces. Which is the place the technique of stamping metal comes in! When you get comfortable with the approach, you can make all sorts of personalized projects.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace abeautifulmess.comCommon stamping supplies:

-jeweler’s bench block
-letter and amount punch stamps
-masking/painter’s tape
-black marker
-rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol)

Supplies for double pendant necklace:
-two bar stamping blanks or circle stamping blanks
-leap rings
-necklace clasp (I used a SpringRing fashion clasp)
-gold necklace chain (something like this 1 in what ever thickness you want)

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Ok. First factors first. For the basic stamping approach, you will want to use your masking tape to tape your stamping blank onto your metal bench block. The metal block gives a company surface behind the blank so your impression will seem a whole lot cleaner (think me, I experimented with it on a considerably softer surface first, and the impression was not practically as defined). Location your tape so that it holds your blank in spot and also gives you a guideline to stick to for your phrase. If you want an additional guideline, you can also spot a piece of tape across the best of your blank as effectively, leaving a gap that is just taller than your letters will be.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Decide on the metal punch stamps that will make your phrase/identify/hashtag, and location them in the correct buy in front of you. Make sure they are previously turned the correct way so you do not get halfway by way of your phrase and then understand you just stamped the “R” upside down. Completely done that 1. I would hugely recommend acquiring a bunch of less expensive blanks to practice on (like these) if you have never stamped before. It took me a although prior to I acquired the come to feel for it, and it helps to have a practice round to test out your phrase and get warmed up before you stamp your item.

Commencing with your middle character, hold your stamp in the suitable spot on your blank and use your hammer to do a light tap on the punch stamp, followed by a 2nd firm hit. The very first light tap aids you get the truly feel for the place to hit so you can come down significantly harder on the second hit. Performing much more than a single large hit could outcome in obtaining a second ghost impression if your punch stamp moves at all, but, with a small practice, you must be ready to do more than one large hit if you want a deeper impression. I observed that my distinct hitting style tends to leave a lighter impression on reduced “limbs” of some of the letters (like on the reduced leg of the “R” which makes it appear far more like a “P”), so on those letters I do a single further hit whilst I rock my punch stamp somewhat towards me to make sure I get the full letter stamped. Once your 1st character is in spot, continue to stamp the letters 1 at a time on both side until finally your phrase is complete.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace abeautifulmess.comMake Your Own Handstamped Necklace To darken the letters, use a black marker and colour in excess of the phrase you just stamped. Put some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe in excess of the letters. The marker should be cleaned from the surface but continue to be in the letters to make the phrase much more legible.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Now that you’ve acquired the basics down, you can do whatever you want! To make my double bar and double pendant necklaces, I stamped two of the exact same blanks with related phrases and cut a longer and a shorter length of chain. I employed leap rings to attach the blanks to the chain and two more jump rings to attach the two chains to the necklace closure. Since I needed the necklaces to be a single piece with two chains as an alternative of two separate necklaces, I only employed a single closure per necklace. If you want to keep them separate, just give each one particular its personal closure and you can wear them collectively as a set or just put on a single at a time.

Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Make Your Own Handstamped Necklace Though you do have to customize your phrase based on how huge your stamping blank is (no prolonged, wordy phrases on individuals small bar necklaces, which is for certain!), you can nonetheless do anniversay dates, names, initials, or even hashtags for a small bit of exciting. The bottom of my round necklace says “ever ours,” which is the end of a phrase from a Beethoven love letter that Todd and I have written to each other over the years, and I integrated our anniversay date above it. And of program, I had to do a cat themed edition for the shorter bar necklace with our kitties’ initials (Mac &amp Charlie).

There are so many possiblities with stamping, even outdoors of jewelry, but this is definitely one concept that helps make a excellentgift for other people as effectively as a present to oneself. Pleased stamping! xo. Laura

Credits // Writer: Laura Gummerman, Photography by: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Images edited employing Stella from the Signature Collection.

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