Couple Turns A 22 Sqm New York Apartment Into A Cozy HomeDaily Interior Design Ideas

There are a lot of tinyapartments in New York so we weren’t surprises to find out this one measured only 242 square feet which is around 22.4 square meters. The surprise was to see how lovely the place was decorated.

The apartment is situated on the ground floor and is basically one continuousspace. The kitchen, the bedroom and the livingarea are basically the same space. There’s a lot going on here so making sense of everything may be difficult at first.

Tucked in a corner, the kitchen is really small. There’s barely any counter space but even with so little space to work with the owners managed to fit in all the basics plus some really practicalstorage for all the pots and pans. The knife rack is a great choice too.

The living room is really small and doesn’t really resemble any traditional living space we’re used with. Instead of the usual sofa all we have here is a bench with seat and back cushions and an ottoman, both sitting in front of the fireplace which doesn’t seem to be functional.

The biggest surprise here is the fact that there’s actually a Murphy bed here too. You wouldn’t notice it at first because it’s perfectly concealed behind the bench and that shelf that holds the vase. The disguise keeps the bed hidden during the day and allows the floor space to be used for something else.

You can see here how tight the space really is. But even so, all the functions blend together harmoniously. The whole vintagestyle suits the apartment well.

If you look to the right of the room you’ll see this cabinet placed in between the windows. It serves as a bar, media unit, plant stand and hat rack. Lots of different functions for such a basicpiece of furniture.

The other cabinet/ storage unit also hides a secret. The doorsopen to reveal a table and two benches which can be used as a dining set or as a workspace. As you can see, everything has to be multifunctional in an apartment as tiny as this one.{found on curbly}.

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