Is A Corner Kitchen Sink Right For You? Solving The DilemmaDaily Interior Design Ideas

They can be awkward and difficult to work with but you have to admit they lookawesome. We’re talking aboutcornerkitchensinks, of course. They may not offer the same advantages as the regular type but they come with a whole other set of characteristics which we’ll discover together.


Such a sink can turn an unused corner into an active part of your kitchen. After all, it’s all about being practical. A greatoptions for kitchens with dead corner spaces.

Having a corner kitchen sink frees up more counter space. In a tiny kitchen, this means you get more prep space and longer counters which is a big plus.

This whitecontemporary kitchen has it all going for it, including some fantastic (unobstructed) windowviews in multiple directions, thanks to the corner sink setup. In addition, the entire kitchen excels at ergonomic friendliness, including the kitchen sink’s unique adjustable modern faucet design.


Placing the sink in the corner of the kitchen sometimes means you get to have less to none natural light helping with the task of washing dishes. Still, the problem has a simple solution. Under-cabinetlighting can fix the issue and add style to your kitchen.

The space underneath a corner sink will most likely become useless. You can’t use it for storage and there’s not enough room for anything down there. Even so, you can opt for a farmhouse kitchen sink to make the most of that space.

Placing the sink in the corner means that only one person can use it at a time. But this doesn’t mean you can only have one sink. Don’t rule out the double design yet because it can be adapted for this particular area.


Corner kitchen sinks make cleaning a little bit more difficult than usual so if you decide to get one, think ahead and come up with a plan. You can either leave the corner empty or use it to store things or to display a few items in a clean and organizedfashion.

And speaking of corners that are difficult to clean, if you’d rather use that space in a more practical and function way, you can install a shelf there for small appliances or often-used items.

Finally, if you want a corner sink you should know that usually it needs to be custom-built and to have a design that makes it suitable for that particular space. This means it’s more expensive than a regular sink.

And since you have to go through all that trouble, why not pick a sink that has other useful custom features as well?

Why should you choose to have your kitchen sink in the corner?

Well, because it looks interesting and because it would be a memorable feature to have. So don’t try to hide it in the corner. Turn it into a focal point for the kitchen.

Corner sinks also offer more flexibility. You can basically place them anywhere you want as long as it’s in a corner. This means you can come up with all sorts of ingenious layouts and designs for your kitchen.

Another great thing about a corner sink is that it can be an extra. You can have a regular sink and this one. An interesting idea for spacious kitchens.

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