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TETREES is a collection of modularwallshelves and cabinets that will change the way we think about storage and wall decor. It is versatile and fully customizable; it allows the customers to use their own creativity and to design a uniqe set of furniture within 5 minutes. It is also worth mentioning that the name of the brand alludes to the famous game (Tetris), not by accident…

Wroclaw, Sept. 29 – Today PIXERS, one of the largest online shops selling wall murals and stickers, expanded its range with a new line of modular shelvingsystem called TETREES. This new product line allows customers to become designers and set up furniture perfectly suited to their needs. The brand has a collection of shelves and cabinets that can be fully personalised and fitted together as units.

TETREES is challenging the manufacturers who create millions of copies of a piece of furniture. TETREES wants to conquer the hearts of customers with its custom-made shelving system that has affordable prices, easy installation and delivery in 10 days.

Until now, custom-made furniture has been associated with great expense and long waiting times. According to a survey by TETREES, the average delivery time from European carpentry shops is up to six weeks. On the other hand, customers buyingready-made furniture have to choose from a limited selection of ordinary models. According to TETREES designers, affordable prices and personalisation are not mutually exclusive. The solution is modular furniture, which allows people to create complex pieces. It is easy to customise and assemble, and fits mostinteriors.

“Beautiful, functional, tailored to my needs and as affordable as IKEA.” This is how one of PIXERS’s customers responded to what their dream furniture would looklike. “We have been working on this for a long time and eventually we came to the conclusion that the best solution is a modular system”, explains TETREES CEO, Maciej Białek.

As the creators highlight, the name of the brand alludes to the famous game (Tetris), not by accident. “We wanted to show that designing can be fun and, at the same time, to emphasise that our shelves and cabinets can be arranged in a number of different compositions,” describes Białek. “Even ordering sets from TETREES is more like a game than proper shopping,” he adds. The online configurator makes it possible to create furniture using pieces in dozens of different colours and sizes, combine them together and preview the whole thing using a visualisation before ordering. The whole process takes just 5 minutes.

The shop will start to operate fully in mid-October, but the waiting list is already open and every subscriber will get a €50 voucher for their first purchase. Initially, only shelves and cabinets will be available, but the team predicts that the range will be complemented by the end of the year with tables including coffee tables, among other items. “At PIXERS, we have learned that customers are the best source of inspiration and ideas. We will start with two products and we will systematically expand the range, following customer feedback,” notes Białek.

TETREES fills the gap on the market of modular furniture – it provides multitude of simple solutions, being at the same time ultramodern and affordable. It is not just a simple furniture; it is a modular solution, so it combines variouselements together: customers’ expectations with the European carpentry handicraft and love for modern design.

Modularity is the trend that will change the way we perceive our furniture. And TETREES opens the gate to modern modular design and to sustainable use of our walls.

TETREES furniture can be delivered to all European countries and is covered by a 365-day money-back guarantee. At the end of next year, the TETREES team plans to expand shipping to other countries, including the United States and Brazil.

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