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How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Hi guys! It’s Mandi fromCreating Great in the Midwest. When we moved into our ranch house, I could not feel how significantly cabinetroom the kitchen had in contrast to the small-spaced kitchen nook in our previous apartment. I did not know what to do with all of the new space, so I’m afraid I didn’t fill the cabinets really effectively. Following living in the home for a couple of many years, I made the decision it would be a good idea to reorganize the cabinets so we could hide our trash can inside of a single. Alternatively of just putting the trash can inside of the cabinet, I rigged up this pull-out trash bin making use of drawerslide hardware. I discovered a few issues along the way, so check out my directions below if you’ve been taking into consideration doing something related in your own residence!

How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Supplies:

– Trash can with a prime lip that fits inside the cabinet (leaving at least a couple of inches all close to it)
– Full-extension drawer slide hardware (about an inch shorter than the depth of the cabinet)
– Strips of wood to mount on the within of the cabinet walls
– one/2″ plywood piece (dimension depends on cabinet size)
– Jigsaw
– Electrical power drill + drill bits
– Flat screws (size depends on the width of the strips of wood you use on the cabinet walls)
– Wood glue
– Level
– Tape measure
– Two pencils
– Sandpaper
– (optional) Wood sealer or paint

You do not want a table noticed to lower your lumber if you strategy ahead and have pieces of wood cut for you at the lumber yard or hardware shop.

Phase A single: Prepare to mount the drawer hardware. Veryfirst, you will require to remove the shelf from inside the cabinet. Mine was nailed into spot (ugh), so I had to noticed it in half and use a hammer to bang it out of area and then to pry it from in which it was nailed into the cabinet walls. Then I employed a dremmel instrument to grind off the nails.

Right after the shelves are eliminated, measure the height of your trash can and add a single inch to that measurement. Measure up from the bottom of the cabinet sides and mark the height you’ve just discovered (the trash can height plus a single inch) with a pencil. Use a degree to lengthen that line across the width of the within of the cabinet wall. You will be utilizing that line as a guidebook for putting the two strips of wood which will hold the drawer hardware.

The thickness of the wood you use to hold the drawer slide hardware depends on how far the sides of the cabinet are recessed behind the cabinet facing. My cabinet insides were recessed much less than an inch, so the lumber I got was one”x3″, each piece reduce to the length of my drawer slides. You can have the wood lower to size at the hardware retailer if you never very own a table saw (which I never!).How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Stage Two: Secure each and every of the trimmed 1″x3″ wood pieces up to the cabinet walls with four sheet metal screws. Sheet metal screws are nice since they are sharp sufficient to drive into wood with out drilling a pilot hole 1st. I nevertheless drilled pilot holes into the pieces of wood just before lining them up against the lines I had at first marked with the degree across the width of the cabinet walls, even though I did not want to drill pilot holes into the cabinet walls, thanks to the sheet metal screws. On each and every inside cabinet wall, I lined up a 1×3 so that the best of the wood was against the line I had marked, then I used masking tape to hold it into location while I drilled the sheet metal screws through the pilot holes of the 1×3 and into the cabinet wall.

Make sure the screws you use are significantly less than the width of the cabinet walls plus the width of the wood you are mounting. You will not want the sharp ends of the screws poking via the other side of the cabinet wall! If you are not utilizing sheet metal screws and want to drill pilot holes into the cabinet walls, it can be useful to mark a level on your drill bit to demonstrate in which you need to have to stop so that you do not drill completely via the cabinet wall. You can do this by placing masking tape correct onto your drill bit, as shown in the image under left.How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Phase 3: After you have mounted the wood for the drawer slide hardware, you will require to measure the actual width amongst them so you can lower the platform that the trash can will fit into. Employing a level to measure the distance can support ensure the measurement is exact. Your drawer slides should come with paperwork that tells you how a lot room they take up. The standard is one/two”, so you ought to subtract that (or the exact measurement that your paperwork says) from the width you measured, and then have your plywood cut to that width. The depth your plywood should be lower ought to be the exact same as the length of your drawer slide hardware (about one” much less than the depth of your cabinet).How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Phase 4: You will also want to reduce pieces of wood to make an apron–or sides–for the trash can platform. You will take these pieces of wood and glue them to the top plywood piece to make it more substantial and to generate a nice edge for attaching the drawer hardware to the platform. You only require 3 pieces of wood for this–a single for the front, and a single for each side. You can have these pieces reduce from the remainder of the 1×3 you utilised in measures 1 and two. Just have the piece for the front portion of the apron minimize to the actual width of the plywood piece from step 3, and then the side pieces of the apron must be reduce to the depth of the plywood piece minus the width of the front portion of the apron (most likely 1″, but examine the width to make positive!). It is going to search like the image below right after you glue those three apron pieces onto the plywood. Make sure the sides keep parallel, simply because you may be attaching drawer hardware to this, and the drawer won’t slide really nicely if it is not parallel. If you have clamps, use them to hold the wood in spot whilst the glue dries.How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Stage 5: Lay the trash can upside down onto the platform (right after the wood glue has dried) and trace all around it. My picture exhibits this becoming accomplished on the bottom side of the platform, but that was a goof on my component, simply because when I went to lower out the shape, I recognized that the jigsaw couldn’t cut the corners from the bottom of the platform because the apron received in the way. So trace the outline of your trash can on top of the platform, not underneath it.

Step Six: Hold two pencils with each other and trace close to the outline you produced in stage five. Use tape to hold the pencils together if you’re getting difficulties trying to keep them together. The aim is to transpose a line about a quarter-inch within the outline of the trash can which you will use as a manual for cutting out the form with the jigsaw in the up coming step. The smaller sized form will hold the trash can from falling through the hole.IHow to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Step Seven: Drill a hole near the newly transposed trash can outline–huge sufficient to fit the blade of your jigsaw. Insert the jigsaw and commence cutting out the hole along the line. Do not make the hole bigger than the smaller transposed trash can outline or the trash can will fall by means of it when you go to put it in place! If you are anxious about the hole getting the appropriate size, practice on a piece of cardboard 1st.How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Step Eight: Sand along the hole you just lower and knock off any sharp corners of the trash can platform. At this level you will want to seal or paint your wood however you pick. I sprayed a coat of varnish.

Stage Nine: Mount the inside part of your drawer slide hardware onto the middle of the platform sides. I drilled into the vertically-shaped hole (as shown above proper) so that if I did not get the placement of the drawer slide just proper, the hardware could simply shift up or down as soon as I slid the platform into area.How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Phase 10: Make certain the 1x3s that had been mounted onto the cabinet walls are properly parallel. If they are not, sand them down right up until they are. Also, make sure the screws holding them into location do not jut out at all–I ran into this dilemma and it was so irritating! When I drilled the pilot holes into the 1x3s in stage two, I should have employed a countersink drill bit so that the screws would be recessed and out of the way. I ended up getting to consider down these 1x3s, countersink the pilot holes, and put them back up again. Then I was capable to use the degree and hang the outside elements of the drawer slide hardware.

Following the drawer slide hardware was connected to the cabinet walls and the trash can platform, I was ready to slide the platform into area and use my trash can! Or so I believed. It turned out that the wood I glued to the platform for the apron had shifted ahead of the glue dried, which prevented the platform from becoming completely parallel. So I pulled out the platform, took off the drawer slide hardware, and sanded down the sides of the platform until finally they were parallel. Then I slid it back into location and it worked flawlessly!How to convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin- get that trash can out of sight!Right after using this trash can for a few days, we made a decision it would be great if the cabinet door was attached to the front of the trash can platform so that all you have to do is pull out the cabinet door, alternatively of opening it and then pulling out the trash can. Because we’re going to be painting our cabinets soon, I believe it will be the excellent time to eliminate the hinge hardware from the cabinet door and screw the door onto the trash can platform to make this handy hidden trash bin even less complicated to use!


Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson

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