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House VDV is a residential task completed by Graux &amp BaeyensArchitects in 2013.

It is found in Destelbergen, Belgium, and has a clean and contemporarylayout.

Home VDV by Graux &amp Baeyens Architects:

“This single family home is situated just outdoors the town of Ghent. The plot is part of a domain exactly where us to be a castle destroyed in WWII. Parts of the surroundingwall is still standing and is a silent reminder of this background.

House VDV appears simultaneously familiar and strange. The volume, consisting of 1 degree with a pitched roof, alludes to familiar archetypes such as the rural homestead or barn. But at the exact same time the volume is broken up by big glassfacades, so that the romantic relationship is established with the surrounding trees and the listed castle wall.

The necessary implantation in the back of the plot ensures that the property is conceived as a pavilion. A backyard-house with no front or rear, but with two identical facades and a 360 degree knowledge of the complete plot.

The (non-handled copper) cladding gives the venture a poetic impermanence, which is echoed in the reflection of the surrounding trees in the glass facades.”

Internetsite Program Diagram

Pictures by: Filip Dujardin

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