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Candles have been around for ages. In fact, the earliest known candles originated in China around 200 BC. They then appeared in Europe after 400 AD. The first candles were made of natural fat and wax and later on oil was used. Paraffin revolutionized candle-making in 1830. Originally, candles were commonly used for illumination and, although we now have electricity, we still keep candles in the house but mainly as decorative features and for mood lighting. Now you can make your own candles.


Masonjars are great for thistype of project. You can make lots of interesting candle centerpiecesusing them. For example, these floating candles have a lovely rusticlook and they would look great on a table. You can even use them as centerpieces for a wedding.

To make the jar look more interesting, a nice idea can be to paint it with chalkboard paint. You can also personalize it like in this case for example. Cut out a heart out of tape or something that sticks to the jar and paint everything but that area. Then peel off the heart and you’ll get this lovely design.{found on heartloveweddings}.

This project is similar to the very first one we’ve presented here. In this case, however, we have table lanterns instead of floating candles. The jars are placed upside down and the candles are attached to the lid.{found on simplykierste}.

Recycle lave fabric and old jars and make something elegant and beautiful. First measure the jar and decide how much lace you need to wrap around. Then glue it on the jar at the ends and wrap some twine around as well. The candles go inside.{found on flickr}.

You can also make lanterns using oil and mason jars. Just make a hole in the center of the lid for the wick to go through, put some oil inside the jar and there you have it: a very nice piece for the outdoors. Use it on the terrace.


Although concrete may seem like a material difficult to work with, you can use it to make all sorts of cuteprojects. For example, try making some concrete candle holders. It’s much easier than you may think. Make these using cement powder, paper cups, coins, petroleum jelly, sticker tape and disposable containers.{found on sayyes}.

There are simpler projects for you to try as well. For example, this candle holder can hold 4 candles. It’s basically a block of cement with holes in it large enough to fit candles inside. To make it you need a baking pan, concrete mix and candles. Pour the concrete into the mold and then add the candles, wait for the concrete to solidify, burn out the candles and remove the wax.{found on signepling}.

There are lots of interesting other designs you can try. You can basically choose any shape you want for the votives and candle holders. You just have to figure out how to make the mold or simply to find containers with the shape and size you desire.{found on nimidesign}.

Because concrete is not exactly a delicate material, this gives you the opportunity to make candle holders with a more rough design if you want them to look more organic. The lines don’t have to be perfect. In fact, any discrepancies will only make the piece look unique.{found on site}.

You could use a soda can as a mold. First, cut the top off. Add a small amount of water into the can, then add a cup of concrete and stir. Continue to add concrete and water. Shake the mold gently to make sure it evens out. Place the candle on top of the concrete and press down. Shake the mix evenly around the candle. Let it dry overnight and then remove the can.{found on oncewed}.

For this project all you need is a milk carton, tape and concrete. Cut out the top of the milk carton and then cut along the long side to make a box with a flap lid. Cut out 4 holes in the lid for the candles. Fill the mold with wet concrete and use masking tape to secure it and to make sure it maintains straight lines. Insert the candles through the holes and let the concrete dry.{found on chezlarsson}.

Another thing you can use as a mold is the bottom portion of a plastic bottle. Cut the bottle. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Then simply pour the concrete into the mold, shake a little bit and insert a candle in the center. Let it dry and remove the mold.

To give the votives a more interesting look, you could paint them. These, for example, were made using the technique we’ve just describes. The bottom portion is painted with metallic paint. You can simply dip them in paint and wait for the paint to dry.{found on monsterscircus}.

These interesting-looking candle holders also have lids. You’ll basically have to use two molds for one candle holder. In one of them you’ll insert the candle and the other one will be the lid. It can have any shape you want and you can create all sorts of interesting combinations.{found on site}.


If you prefer a material with a warm touch and of a different consistency, try using wood. Although technically wood can easily burn and it’s a not great idea to put close to fire, it can also look very elegant and beautiful in a décor. This candle holder is basically just a block of wood with 5 small holes for 5 candles.{found on houzz}.

This candle holder also has a compact design. It’s a big slice of wood with three large holes in it. In each hole there’s room for a candle votive. Because the candles stay inside the votives, there’s no danger of setting fire to the whole house.{found on site}.

If you like the organic and natural look of wood logs, then why not use big pieces to make some rustic-looking candle holders. These have a sculptural look and they make quite an impression.

You know those small candles that usually go on birthday cakes? Well they can also look nice ona mantel and even on a table. Make some cute little candle holders like these wooden cubes and drill a hole in each one big enough for the candles.{found on hankandhunt}.

Take advantage of what nature has to offer and find yourself a gorgeous log. It should have an interesting shape. Clean it, sand it down and then drill some holes in it for the candles. This one is a cyprus wood piece.{found on etsy}.

This project is similar to one we’re presented above, the difference being that this slice of wood is thinner. The project is very simple. Take the wood slab and make holes in it big enough for the candles to fit in. you can then use it as a table centerpiece for a romantic dinner.{found on brit}.

When it comes to wood, the finish doesn’t have to be perfect. Each piece of wood is different so anything you’ll be making out of it will be unique. For a more rustic look, try using salvages wood.{found on alamodestuffblog}.

We’ve showed you lots of candle holders made of tree logs. This one is similar in this sense but, at the same time, it’s quite different. In this case, the log was sliced in half vertically so it sits flat on the table with the bark covering its entire surface.{found on site}.


Try a design with an industrialfeel if you think it would look good in your home. For example, a nice accent piece can be a candle holder made of copper pipes. Try combining the pieces in such a way to create a sturdy design with a good base and an interesting shape.{found on anmagritt}.

You can also combinematerials and finishes. This candle holder, for example, is made of copper pipes and has a base made from a piece of wood. The pipes have the perfect diameter for the candles to fit inside.{found on adailysomething}.

This candle holder is made of black iron pipes and fittings. It has a symmetrical design, with a sturdy base and a simple shape. Such a piece would look very nice of the fireplace mantel or in the center of the dining table.{found on etsy}.

If you prefer something simpler, a project that takes less time to complete, try this one. It’s a copper candle holder. All you need for this project is some thin copper coil which you bend in a shape you like. You can experiment and try several designs until you find the one you like best.{found on amerrymishapblog}.


A glass, provided it has the right dimensions, can be a wonderful votive. But you might want to personalize it a little. You could, for example, use twisted sisal and wrap it around the base of the glass just to give the candle holder a rustic look.{found on site}.

Here’s something you probably never thought of: you can make a candle holder out of a beer bottle. Cut the top portion of the bottle carefully and attach it to the bottom. This way you’ll create an interesting base for the candle holder. Then simply place the candle inside.{found on etsy}.

If you want to try something a little more flashy, you could use glitter. Take an empty glass that you like, apply some glue on the inside and then pour glitter over it. The glitter will stik to the glue. Allow it to dry and you have a candle holder.{found on houseofearnest}.

This is a wine bottle turned into a candle holder/lamp. To make something similar you’ll have to cut out the bottom of the bottle. Then find something to use as a base, such as this one made of wood. The base has vent holes for proper air flow.{found on etsy}.

Give the glass a mirrored look to make it more interesting. You can use silver leaf for that. Also, if the glass has a certain design on it, it will look more interesting. You can personalize the glass with monograms or other types of designs.{found on ruffledblog}.

Here’s an interesting idea for some table centerpieces. Get some empty glass bottles. They can be of different sizes and shapes. Get some paint and a paintbrush and paint numbers on each one. Then stick a candle inside. Make sure it has the right diameter. You can also tie some twine or cord around the bottle to make it look more interesting.


Want to make something interesting for Christmas while you’re sitting around watching a movie? Why not make a snugly sweater for your candle votives? You need some yarn and a double crochet. The design or pattern you choose to use is up to you but this one looks pretty good.{found on site}.

Add a rustic touch to your home’s décor with these DIY twig votives. To make them you need glass votives, votive candles, twigs, spray paint and a hot glue gun. First spray paint the twigs and then start gluing them one by one to the votives.{found on freutcake}.

As you probably know, washi tape is incredibly versatile and fun to work with. You can decorate with it lots of things, including candle votives. Pick some patterns and prints you like and get to work. Be creative and come up with your own designs.{found on site}.

Here’s a candle holder with a very simple but very chic design. It’s basically just some rope wrapped around a tape cardboard core. To make something similar you need jute rope, twine, paper tape and hot glue.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

These glass cylinder votives have bark wrapped around them. It’s an interesting idea and also one very easy to execute. You need a glass vase, thread, glue and birch bark. You can then place the candles on a wood slice to make a rustic centerpiece.{found on etsy}.

If you want, you can try something a little more fresh such as this lovely ornament. It’s a candle inside a glass votive, with small fresh flowers held by twine. They cover the entire exterior of the votive and give it a very lovely look. Also, the flowers smell nice.

Here’s a project you can customize to your preferences. These are lanterns made using some glass jars and paper snowflakes which wrap around the jar. You can pick a theme and replace the snowflakes with anything else you like. Glue the cut outs to the jar and light up the candle.{found on michelemademe}.


There are lots of other great ideas you can use which don’t exactly fit into any of the categories. For example, how about these candle holders made of antler sheds? They’re definitely very interesting. You can make something similar. You need 2 copper bushings, 2 copper caps, 2 antler sheds and 2 candles.{found on adailysomething}.

This antler candle holder has a sculptural design and it stands out, not just because of the shape but also because of the color. It has neon accents and it looks great. To achieve such a look, take some tape and delimit the area you need to be painted, then dip the antler in the paint of your choosing.{found on kristimurphy}.

Try modeling your own candle holders using clay. To make these ones you need a rolling pin, taper candles, a pizza cutter, a wine cork or something similar in size and modeling clay. It can be a fun project for the weekend.{found on oncewed}.

These stenciled burlap candle holders reveal their true beauty in the dark. In case you want to make some, here are the supplies you’ll need: cardstock or stencils, burlap, glass candle holders, tape, acrylic paint, glitter and thread to match the burlap.{found on justcraftyenough}.

Want to make something fun for the kids’ birthday? Here’s an idea: dinosaur candle holders. You need a bunch of dinosaur toys and some candles and candle holders which you can stick into the toys and secure with glue.{found on etsy}.

You can basically re-purpose any item in which you can fit a candle into a candle holder. For example, these candle holders look like fuse holders or something similar. They’re interesting and they offer lots of inspiration.{found on pikkuvarpunen}.

These candle holders are even more unusual. They appear to be some old ladles and they would look very nice in a kitchen where they would add some rustic charm to the décor.

Here’s an interesting idea for Halloween. Take a small pumpkin, make a hole and remove what you find inside. Then cover the pumpkin with glue and cover it with glitter. Let it dry and add the candle inside. You can simplify your work by using a drill to make the hole. It should be slightly bigger than the candle.{found on twigandthistle}.

Shaker containers make great candle holders because they have holes in their lids. So all you have to do in put a candle in a shaker and then make a hanger using wire. After that, you’ll have a lovely little lantern you can hang in a tree.{found on thehomelessfinch}.

These tin luminaries are quite easy to make. You need empty tin cans, a nail, a hammer and some spray paint. First fill the cans with water and put them in the freezer. Then use a template to punch holes into the tin can. Remove the ice, spray paint the can and put a candle inside.{found on celebrations}.

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