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Entryway idea Eye-Catching Appeal 11

The entryway to your home is your chance to make a lasting firstimpression. Regardless of how you use it, your entryway should reflect the everyday life of all the people who live in your home. Whether it is contemporary, transitional, eclectic, traditional, art deco, or whatever suits your needs, the entryway is the gateway to set the mood and overall energy of your home. The key is styling your entryway well. Because the foyer is what visitors to your home will see first, make certain the furniture, paintcolor, and other décor that you select, send the right message. Here are 10 ways to make your entryway a winner!


Entryway idea Eye-Catching Appeal

1. Entryways are usually high traffic areas, choose furniture with organizational solutions built in to store things you need handy on your way in and out the door.

Image: Ana White

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2. How about including seating in your entryway for putting or taking off shoes and other uses?

Image: Midwest Living

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3. Lighting in the entryway is important. Be sure to select a conglomeration of diverse lighting that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

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4. A runner is the “magic carpet” inside your home. Keep furniture away, and leave the spaceclear and open. Don’t let the rug extend the complete length of the entryway so that the front door opens easily. A trick you can use is to paint a runner on the floor instead. It’s unique and has the same effect.

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5. Capture your visitors’ interest by creating an interesting display on your entryway wall.

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6. Place a mirror on the wall to attract natural light and open up a dark entryway. A mirror with a white frame will add extra brightness. Mirrors alsocreate the illusion of additional space, just be sure it fits properly with the dimensions of the hallway.

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7. If you have a stairway in your foyer, paint the stair raisers a rich, vivid hue like a deep turquoise or burgundy red. A dark shade with a glossy finish will help to hide scuffmarks.

Image: Real Simple

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8. If your entryway is wide and longenough, why not place a diningtable in the space? Place a beautiful chandelier, oak table, wicker stylechairs, and a complementing accent rug. That will certainly help visitors to feel welcome.

Image: Style Me Pretty | Photography: Karen Hill

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9. Hooks for hanging things look great on vertical wall space. Use them for light coats, umbrellas, and hats.

Image: Home Remedies

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10. Create a vibrant accent wall. Spruce it up in an eye-catching color like vibrant red or yellow. Alternatively, use striped or flowered wallpaper for that “wow” factor.

Image: BHG


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