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Whether you want to gain some privacy for your livingroomwork station, to separate the seatingareafrom the bedroom or to put a wallbetween the dining area and the rest of the openfloor plan, theseroom dividers from IKEA work great in every case and, morethan that, they even let you squeeze in some extra storage and displayspace.

You can see the whole arrangement from a different angle to better appreciate the layout. The IKEA Expeditdivider offers privacy but doesn’t completely enclose the space so you still see the rest of the room even when you’re relaxing in bed.

The Ikea Expedit are an excellent starting point for a room divider. You can build a framework around the unit and get yourself a room divider with built-in storage cubbies. Once the frame is built, get the plasterboard on and then paint the whole thing.{found on ikeahackers}.

Use the Expedit desk and shelves together to make an extra wide room divider. It’s the perfect piece to separate an area with no door from the entryway, hallway or the rest of the house. If you’re using it for your homeoffice, then you also get tons of storage. Thisroom divider features canvases in different colors attached to the cubbies with hooks. They swing open to reveal the contents.

Aside from the Expedit shelves, another great Ikea piece you can use is Mandal. It’s excellent if you’re trying to separate the living area from the sleeping area in a one-room apartment or studio. The partition looks light, sleek and stylish and the shelves are great for displaying decorations or books.{found on ikeahackers}.

And here’s another wonderful example of how the versatile Expedit bookcase can become a beautiful wall divider. It’s simple and practical and it even has a sophisticatedflair. It creates a barrier between the two areas but doesn’t completely separate them.

These Ikea wall dividers can be used anywhere in the house. Depending on the size and shape of the area you’re trying to hide behind partitions, pieces like the Expedit bookcase can either be placed vertically or horizontally. Paint them a color that matches the room’s décor to make them fit nicely.

The same incredibly versatile and functional bookcase, in another stylish setting. This time it adds a little bit of privacy to the dining area, separating it from the living space. You can also see another one in the back, looking just as elegant.

I really like the idea of having a room divider in the bedroom. It’s perfect if you want to create a cozy and intimate readingnook or even a small seating area. In addition, the cubbies offer some always needed extra storage and can eliminate the need for nightstands.

Make the most of your room divider. Use it as a desk or workstation. This one is made using Stolmen poles and wooden shelves. The poles were spray painted black and they look beautiful on this mid-century unit.{found on ikeahackers}.

Using a bookcase as a room divider is one of the bestideas you can use when redecorating and reorganizing a space. You basically a two-in-one deal. You get to separate the spaces like you want and you get plenty of space for displaying books, decorations and office supplies, depending on your needs.{found on aptt}.

Feel free to customize and personalize your room divider. Take a look at this Ikea Expedit and how elegant it turned out to look here. Each row of cubbies is assigned a different look. A very nice blend of style and function.{found on southernhospitalityblog}.

Give your entryway a makeover. This divider is actually used here for the storage it offers but also to separate the hallway from the other spaces. It’s actually made using a series of stacked IKEA Expedit shelves framed with Millwork.{found on apatt}.

Tuck the bed in a corner, in a nook and put a shelf divider between it and the rest of the bedroom. On the other side, hide the bed behind a curtain. You’ll create a cozy sleeping nook and the rest of the room can become a seating area or a home office.

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