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industrial vintage modern apartment interior

Thisstunningapartment by ART B.O.S., is all about bringing two contrasting lookstogether in an aestheticfashion. Comfort meets modern day inventiveness with exposedbrickwalls and neutral themed hues and textures. A large livingroomarea is furnished with comfy sofas made from fine textured leather. The plush furnishings make the space even more inviting and warm. Bare woodfloors complement the open space concept beautifully emitting a modernisticambiance while remaining cozy and comfortable.

As with most modern day apartment construction, the living room and kitchen area are share the same space, creating a dining and entertainment area in one. A simple eating table and chairs sets nicely with the Eurostyle lacquer finished cabinets, adding a sleekstylish appearance to the area. In fact, the entire apartment has an open and airy appeal, revealing an amalgamation of differing styles that flows from one room to the next without interruption.
The bedroom is sparsely furnished but the effect is nonetheless dramatic. Richly hued works of art rest on the backdrop of grey cemented walls. It’s an interestingcontrast that actually works! The room reminds one of a time capsule that is furnished with timeless appeal. There’s no particular era that can be pinned on this type of décor. It’s simple, alluring, and numinous at the same time.

The interior is many things in one in spite of its simplicity. For example, the bathroom is one of the most beautiful and uber chick rooms in the apartment. Oval deep sinks made from purewhite porcelain, mosaic aqua blue tiles, glass counter tops and wooden drawers, are a fantastic combination of materials that work flawlessly together. The cement floor cut into large rectangular tiles creates a futuristicfeel. Nonetheless, the bathroom décor remains pleasing and sensual.

Various accents from the space age suspended lamp, beautifully finished wooden storage drawers, and puckered wooden floors, adds the final touches that gives this apartment its unique atmosphere. In addition, the bare floors add to the minimalist appeal.

There is a unique aspect to having exposed brick in a home. In fact, it’s a tremendous interior bonus. Exposed brick immediately makes a space gorgeous and timeless regardless of the furnishings. Incorporating exposed brick bringscharacter and unpretentious charm to any interior space from the kitchen to the bedroom. In this home, even the bathroom continues the exposed brick theme that runs throughout the entire space creating a distinct and refined ambiance.

Thanks to a broad range of warm, natural hues, this home manages to combine charm, tradition, and modernistic tones harmoniously with plenty of space to spare.

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